Juneathon Day #20

Despite still being partly crippled from Monday’s body pump class, I am not as crippled as Joggerblogger who apparently is now sporting a rather fetching wrist strap (photographic evidence to be produced shortly) and what with him being a show off hardcore still managed to go out for 8 miles before 6:30 this morning, I ignored my rumbling stomach which was telling me to forget Juneathon and do Lunchathon instead and went to the gym.  I jumped on my new best friend the treadmill and did a v. slow 10 minutes, then turned up it up for another 5, then up again for another 4 then up again for the last minute then got on the rowing machine for 15 minutes but stayed on for 20 and left the gym feeling energised and returned to the office to stuff my face.

Treadmill: 20 minutes
Distance: 3.1k
Speed: 9/9.5/10/11kph


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