Juneathon 2009 Day 10 – Too much faff for 7:45am

Despite not sleeping well, I get up at 6:45am and decide today’s Juneathon will be 20 minutes on the rowing machine and a 7 mile bike ride.  The 7 mile bike ride idea quickly got abandoned when I saw what the weather was doing.  Pissing me off mainly.  But as the rowing machine doesn’t involve going out into the rain and the cold but merely going a few steps into the back bedroom, I didn’t have any excuses to slack off that as well.  Until I tried to unfold the damn thing, that is.

I had to move it and try to position it between the computer desk and weights and the stupid thing won’t move although it’s got wheels and I’m pushing and pulling but it’s not going anywhere and I think I’m going to give up in a minute and go cycling instead but the persistent side of me perseveres and I eventually get it where I want it to be and then I need to unfold it and I can’t remember how to and I pull one bolt out and then there’s another screwed in bolt thing that says loosen then pull out and I do this and unfold it and replace the screwed in bolt thing but the other one doesn’t want to go in and I remember Shaun said something about lifting the frame first so I try this but it doesn’t do anything so I try again and it still doesn’t do anything so I think sod it, does it really matter? and I decide it doesn’t matter but then I decide it might matter and I don’t want to break it and I try again and it goes in eventually and I think hurrah and then it’s 8am and I started unfolding the stupid thing at 7:45am and thought I’d be finished on it around 8 and so much for best laid plans and all that and after my unfolding workout, I start my rowing workout and after I finish I decide to be more productive today and do some work and studying, so if anyone sees me on Facebook or Twitter (@jogblog), tell me off please.

Stats (rowing)
Distance: 0.9 miles
Time: 20:00
Count: 669
Calories: 44.2
Minutes unfolding the stupid machine: 20
Hours spent on FB or Twitter: not many, maybe a bit at lunchtime but that’s all.  Honest.
Weight: 9st 5
Juneathon’s completed: 10/30

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