Slightly less slow

Drinking on a Sunday evening is something I like doing but whereas in London, getting up to go to work and getting paid for falling asleep and watching the clock tick round to 5:30 wasn’t a problem, drinking too much the night before when you work at home isn’t very conducive to productivity, especially when you can mess around on Facebook without fearing the sudden appearance of your boss over your shoulder.

So, the last two Sundays, I’ve gone without my bottle(s) of wine and therefore, the following morning, I’ve woken up fresh as a daisy, albeit a slightly wilted one, and actually got things done.

After I managed to run four miles on Saturday without stopping, I decided that this week I would do three, four and five miles; the three miler on the road, hopefully quicker than in a field, so this morning I got up at just before 7am with the plan to do three miles on the road but it’s still dark and I think, that doesn’t matter, I’m not planning on going anywhere for an hour anyway, but at 8 o’clock, it’s still dark and it’s raining and I don’t want to go on the road in the dark and the rain and I don’t want to go on the road at this time of day either as it’ll be full of school run mums who don’t know how to drive and so I decide to go over the field again and I put on my hi vis top and my trail shoes and go out into the wind and the rain and the cold and it’s not very eventful, just a couple of people with dogs and quite a few cars but luckily none of the school run mums run me over and I think how far away do they live that they have to drive their kids to school? as I don’t remember seeing loads of cars full of kids in London, just people walking their kids to school and I decide that countryside people are just lazy and that’s probably why countryside people look at me in shock when I tell them I don’t drive.

I do the 3 miles in a combination of walking and running but mostly running and I get back and I’m about a minute per mile quicker than I was on Saturday.  Hurrah.

Distance: 3.01 miles
Time: 34:50
Pace: 11:35 m/m
Calories: 311  
Sunday bottles of wine: 0
Early mornings: 1
Still dark at 8 o’clocks: 1
People with dogs: 2
School run mums: lots
Lazy countryside people: all of them
Minutes per mile quicker: 1 
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