On the 15th day of Juneathon, we’re halfway there!

juneathon_2010Here’s my pretty chart of my halfway mark. Who’d have thought I’d turn into a cyclist?!! Thanks to The Red Bucket for posting one on his blog and allowing me to nick the idea. You can make your own on Google Docs. It would be prettier though if I could change the colours. Does anyone know how to do this?

No cycling for me today though. Today I got up early and plotted a 3 mile route on Gmap Pedometer and was out of the door by 9am (that’s early for me these days, so shut up) and started off up the hill and got about three feet up the hill before deciding to walk and I did my run with a bit of walking in it and nothing very exciting happened and as I got to 2.4 miles I thought no way is it .6 miles back to the house and it’s going to be more like 2.7 miles and Gmap Pedometer must be lying and when I got back to the house it was indeed 2.7 miles and I thought well, I’m not going up the hill again to make up the mileage so today’s run is only 2.7 miles and not the 3 that the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Program had me down to do today.

Distance: 2.72 miles
Time: 29:20
Pace: 10:48 m/m
Calories: 279
Pretty charts of the halfway mark: 1
Lying Gmap Pedometers: 1
Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Programs: 1
Halfway through Juneathons: 1
Joy Division


  • Its great to see all that hard work in a chart, makes you realise how much you have done, Mine shows that I am a gym bunny and I classed myself as a jogger

  • Great idea in the chart. I don’t know what I’d put on mine…run, walk, ??? Maybe I need to work on adding in cross-training. Great job so far this month!

  • Joy Division? I am reading your blog listening to ‘The Eternal’ …… Cue the Twiglet Zone music ……

    Can’t believe we are at the mid-point of Juneathon!

  • 9am is very early! I am travelling around asis with a few mates at the moment and our runs generally dont happen before 3pm at the best of times! Good luck with the job application btw

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