On the 19th day of Juneathon, I ran 5 miles

After a very moderate Friday evening for me where I drank less than half a bottle of wine, I wake up after dreaming that my dead dad and my dead brother came to arrest me and take me away and I get up and I look on Gmap Pedometer to plot out a five mile route and I go off to do my five mile route and wonder if the path is still cut in half by waterworks but it’s not and it takes me out through a housing estate and then I’m lost but then I realise I’m not lost and I go down the path and then down the other path and back up the road and down another road and then down another road and then I’m back on my road and my five miles is going to end going up a hill and when I get to the top of the hill, I’ve done exactly five miles and I think I might as well carry on and run down the hill but it’s windy and it’s like running on the flat but I carry on anyway and I get back and I’ve done over five miles and that’s the furthest I’ve run for ages and ages and ages.


Distance: 5.31 miles
Time: 58:28
Pace: 11:01 m/m
Calories: 546
Moderate Friday evenings: 1
Bottles of wine drank: less than half
Dreams about dead dads and dead brothers: 1
Pathways cut in half by waterworks: 0
Paths: 2
Uphills: 1
Downhills: 1
Winds: 1
Sex Pistols

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