On the 27th day of Juneathon, I predict a riot

After spending the evening drinking two cans of lager, half a bottle of wine, a can (classy, huh?) of Pimms and lemonade, a glass of vodka, lime and lemonade and eating a sausage, a burger, two skewers of mushrooms, orange pepper and halloumi, coleslaw and potato salad that somehow manages to contain 175 calories per tablespoon, I got up early this morning after Little Crutchey Man had gone off to do some cycling thing that must contain an element of danger seeing as he took his helmet with him and went out on my bike for a few miles and there were a load of cars by the church and I wondered if people were in there praying for England to beat Germany this afternoon, a match I will be possibly watching in a cinema in London, although a pub sounds better to me to watch it in, as cinemas aren’t exactly the most atmospheric places in the world, plus I don’t really want to be in a darkened room with no windows with a load of over-excited football fans if they start kicking off.

Stats (cycling):
Distance: 10.18 miles
Time: 58:44
Speed: 10.4mph
Calories: 332
Cans of lager: 2
Half bottles of wine: 1
Cans of Pimms & lemonade: 1
Glasses of vodka, lime and soda: 1
Sausages: 1
Burgers: 1
Skewers of halloumi, mushroom and orange pepper: 2
Tablespoons of coleslaw and potato salad containing 175 calories per tablespoon: a few
People in church praying for England to beat Germany: lots
Possibility of over-excited football fans kicking off in a darkened room with no windows: high

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