Cancel your NYE celebrations, your attendance is required at Janathon

Last week I ran 1.95 miles.

My legs ached the next day.

On Wednesday I spent an hour at the gym.

My legs have been aching since.

This can only mean one thing.


What I haven’t been slacking at, however, is preparations for Janathon. No, that’s not a typo, Janathon is Juneathon’s new baby brother.

I didn’t want a Janathon. My loyalties lie with Juneathon but after going up to London to interview Sean at Audiofuel (no, I haven’t transcribed it yet. It’s taking me about 30 minutes to transcribe 5 minutes and there’s 50 minutes to get through), he suggested having a Janathon.

I said na (I did, really. If you’ve heard my accent, you’ll know this is true).

But then he mentioned it on Facebook and everyone said ‘yay, Janathon, what a cool idea’ and so I said ok then, we’ll have a Janathon. And because I’d meant to organise Juneathon properly next year and get a website running and make the guidelines clearer and get t-shirts printed and stuff (after okaying it with Joggerblogger that it was ok for me to take Juneathon and do my own thing with it), I thought I’d better get a website going for Janathon and so Sean came down to discuss all things Janathon and now I need to make a website and get prices for t-shirts and things.

Oh, and I ran another 1.95 miles today. I started walking at about 1.3 miles and then I was reminded of this video

and thought they’ve got an excuse for running like that, they’re just about to complete an Ironman.

At my current fitness, I couldn’t even complete a Tinfoilman.

Distance: 1.95 miles
Time: 22:06
Pace: 11:19
Calories: 194
Janathons: 1
Tinfoilmans: 1


  • I’m deeply ashamed to say I laughed SO hard watching the vid. I am a bad man, have nothing to do with me.

  • and after reading Sean’s comment, I DOUBLY can’t wait to get home to watch the video~!
    as one of the folks who said “yay! Janathon” on FB, I am very happy that this is going to happen. Deep dark winter running and such? Yes, Janathon is the perfect excuse to get me outta the house and into the snow!
    thank you….

  • Hey,

    Got this link through seans facebook feed. not sure i laughed I just couldnt believe what i saw. i dont know whether that makes me want to carry on running or hang all my kit up for good!! mental.


  • How could you laugh? I thought it was horrific. Yes, I love running and being fit but why would you put your body through that kind of torture? Personally I just don’t understand it.

    Janathon, however? Yep, great idea!

  • Do you know – I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this video! Ended up doing both and yes – everytime I think I can’t do the last couple of mins of a run, I will remember this vid!!!

    And as another person who said ‘Yay’ (after lots of begging) on FB to the Janathon, I can’t wait to get started and buy a T-shirt!!!


  • Janathon, whoop, whoop, wooooo!

  • you see, you are just not supposed to do silly things like an ironman!!! That could possibly be me after doing the Martin Yelling intervals and if it is Sean, I blame you entirely. Janathon!!! yay.

  • Yay, Janathon! Due to now being a self-employed person, I won’t have to run at night, huzzah!

  • Reminds me of how i was at the London Marathons finish line. Completely shagged out, next time i’ll listen to people who say don’t run with an injury.

    I’m up for Janathlon though.

  • Tinfoilman….. LOVE IT! Now that sounds like my kind of race.

  • Slacking rocks. But woo yay to Janathon!

  • Now my back’s better, I’m up for Janathon and I’ll be doing it barefoot too!

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