A run

Actually, this blog post should be entitled ‘a walk’ because I walked most of my three mile run today. I seem to be walking most of my runs at the moment. And then not even blogging about them but Shaun says I have to keep blogging so I keep getting freebies and that seems like a good enough reason to me and also Helen asked me on Twitter if I was going to blog today’s run and I said my runs are VERY uneventful and all I saw was a squirrel and my postman and she said she doesn’t trust squirrels and so I said how can you not trust squirrels? and I also told her about Shaun murdering one by running over it when I was in the car and when he run it over he had an evil smirk on his evil smirky face and she said they’re too cute and must be planning world domination and I’m not sure if the squirrel I saw was planning world domination but I’d rather the squirrel was planning world domination because then the national food might be Nutrageous Bars which are very very nice but very very hard to get hold of and if the postman had world domination he might make it law to dye yourself orange and wear shorts every single day of the year, even in deep deep snow, so on balance, I think if I had to vote for either squirrels or my postman, it’d be squirrels.


Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: Not telling, it’s too embarrassing
Pace: See above
Squirrels: 1
Dyed orange postmen: 1
Blog posts that went from talking about running to world domination very quickly: 1


  • Absolutely world domination. But, if it means more Nutrageous bars, it would be ok.

    My housemate now also thinks they are plotting.

  • I didn’t smirk…I merely considered it a reasonable thing to have removed a tree rat from the general oxygen useage equation. Honest. Smirking was killing two rabbits on the way to work one day…simultaneously…one for each front wheel…symmetrically perfect with the two rears squishing them further. That was a smirky morning!

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