Return of the slacker

I didn’t do any exercise last week. Obviously, I have excuses.

Monday, I was too tired after going out on Sunday night to see a Sex Pistols cover band; an evening that can only be described – owing to the venue and the audience (who looked like they’d escaped from the set of Shameless) – as a really bad, cheap wedding reception.

Tuesday, I wanted to spend finishing a website I’d been working on, as I was to be out all day Wednesday.

Wednesday, I was out all day. Up at a bright and early 6am, I had to be in Folkestone at 9am for an  interview at Canterbury Christ Church University where I am hoping to study Creative and Professional Writing (I got a conditional offer; conditional on the successful completion of my current course), then I hopped on the hi-speed to London to meet up with my long-lost relatives (they weren’t actually lost; I knew where they were), i.e. my eldest brother who I hadn’t seen in twelve years, my sister-in-law that I hadn’t seen in 25 years and my nephews (who are about 20 years old) that I hadn’t met ever (and now that I have, I have realised that nephews are the best thing ever and if you haven’t got any, then I suggest you go and get some).

Thursday, I was tired after a long, but brilliant, day on Wednesday, and Friday… um, I can’t remember but I think I just decided to have a lazy day.

The weekend? Although Saturday used to be my never-miss-a-long-run day at home, here I just haven’t got into it. Something that will need to be remedied if I’m going to do the Folkestone Half in September. Or the Ashford 5k series. Or the Staplehurst 10k.

Sunday, we did go for a 7 mile round bike ride to buy some eggs, so a bit of exercise there.

Today, Monday, I wasn’t going to go for a run but then a novel about running came through the door that I’d been sent to review and I thought I can’t keep reviewing stuff, people will get fed up of all the product placement and will stop reading my blog and I must do some more running and then I remembered my new More Mile running socks (NOT freebies, keep reading) that I bought from eBay


and so I thought ooh, I can wear my new socks if I go for a run and I put on my world record breaking shoes although recently my ankles have been aching and also my knee has been hurting and Shaun wondered if it was the shoes as they’re flat, but my Brooks and Asics have been hurting my feet and my Adidas Adizero are sooooooooooo comfy, so I put those on and I did a slow 1.5 miles but I reckoned it was better than nothing.

Distance: 1.55 miles
Time: 17:27
Pace: 11:16m/m
Calories: 162
Sex Pistols cover bands: 1
Websites finished: 1
University interviews had: 1
University places offered: 1
Long lost relatives seen: 4
Best nephews in the world ever: 2
Free novels: 1
Unfree socks: 6
Them Crooked Vultures
Rolling Stones


  • I do have nephews, 4 of them (brothers, and they have 1 sister), and they are the best thing. I see them regularly, fortunately!

  • Yes- more stories like these-even the non-running stories are better than product advertising. It will be Junathon soon though, right! 🙂

  • Nephews (and nieces) are great. Great news about your uni offer – well done!

  • I just got a nephew on Friday! I am meeting him in 2 weeks (he lives in Scotland) and am VERY excited about it. I have the same socks as those. I bought them as compensation for the horrible black pair I bought when I bought my trail shoes for the hellrunner (oops, I also bought a nice shiny pair of Brooks trainers to go with the pretty pink socks). They are my favourite running socks EVER and they are PINK and Pretty. Its a win, win, win.

    p.s. I cycled to work (and back) today and was nearly going to go for a run when the boys were playing golf but then I started doing the crossword and reading the paper….then I did a bit of ironing…..thenI was hungry so ate tea…..then I was too full to run. So I didn’t. I will try again tomorrow.

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