Juneathon Day 14

A bit late with this blog but hey ho. I was going to count cycling home after midnight after seeing the amazing Zombie Prom (if you’re near Folkestone, you MUST see it, it’s absolutely wonderful and I don’t even like musicals) for Day 14 but thought that might be taking the piss a bit, although officially and technically it counts (especially as I make the rules, ha) but after Shaun refusing to pay £3 in the car park at the ultrasound clinic and driving a mile away to park for free, I decided that mile walk would count for Juneathon, especially as we had to walk even further after Shaun had his ultrasound (you’ll be pleased to know that his liver is in the right place) to go to the Turkish restaurant and then had to walk all the way back again and he didn’t even really save £3 as I made him buy me two bars of Green & Black’s in Waitrose (butterscotch flavour and white chocolate flavour if you must know) and that cost the £3 he would have spent in the car park.

Walking: flipping miles
Car park money saved: £3
Money spent buying chocolate in Waitrose: £3
Money saved overall: £0
Livers in the right place: 1
Turkish restaurants eaten in: 1


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