A word on gym etiquette

I haven’t done any exercise all week. I don’t usually do any on a Monday, but Tuesday I woke up and felt ok, but then mid-morning started feeling absolutely wiped out and I could barely keep my eyes open for the rest of the day and so in case I felt rough the next morning, I cancelled the spin class I was booked on and so on Wednesday, I didn’t do any exercise and then on Thursday, I had to stay in for a delivery of a laptop (ownership yet to be decided: mine, Shaun’s or communal) although I was pleased it was delivered on Thursday as that meant I could book myself in for my Friday morning body pump class, yay.

After being distracted by Twitter, I got to the gym with about thirty minutes to spare instead of the usual hour that I prefer and I went on the rowing machine for twenty minutes and then went to my body pump class and got in my usual position, next to the pillar and to the side of the instructor where I have a clear view of her and we were happily doing the warm up when a girl came in late and got her bench and weights and stuff and SET HERSELF UP RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. What the—? Annoying or what? There was plenty of room at the other side of the hall and she could have gone there, but oh no, she stood right in front of me about a foot away and she was new and didn’t even know what she was doing which is fair enough, everyone’s new at one point and then I thought oh, if she’s new, she probably doesn’t realise that I’d quite like a clear view of the instructor really but that didn’t make me stop hating her inside and when we finished the warm up track, I moved my bench along so I wasn’t right behind her huge arse (I wouldn’t usually comment on someone in the gym’s weight as it’s the best place for them and I’d much rather see them in the gym than queuing up outside Greggs but this girl REALLY ANNOYED ME) and then I had a clear view again but I was worried that the other new girl behind me now couldn’t see but she seemed to have a good enough view and when we were doing our stretches I saw that the girl behind me was wearing pink Converse which were very cool but not really suitable footwear for the gym and maybe she should get herself some women’s running shoes or something.

Days exercised this week except for today: 0
Rowing machine: 20 minutes
Body pump: 45 minutes
Treadmill: 7 minutes (yeah, I know…)
Minutes I had a clear view of the instructor: about 5
Girls with huge arses setting up in front of me: 1
Girls behind me wearing pink Converse: 1

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