Juneathon 2014 – Days 6 – 10

Uh oh, I have slacked. Day 7 was okay – I was meeting a friend in town and so I walked the 2.2 miles to the station to meet him instead of getting a lift and I kept my Garmin on and by the time we got to Pizza Express it said I’d walked about 3 miles (although I’m sure it’s not almost a mile from the station to Pizza Express).

Day 8 I’m counting walking to Tesco. It’s all I’ve got, sorry.

Day 9 I’m going to have to count as a big fat fail as I didn’t leave the house at all.

Day 10 (today) I managed to force myself out of the house for a 1.6 mile walk.

Tomorrow I will redeem myself with a 20 mile round trip on my bike to see a woman about some alpacas.

I’m just not feeling motivated this year… help…

I have got some prizes for the end of Juneathon though and all participants are eligible and if you haven’t signed up yet – it’s not too late until it’s July! See the prizes on the Juneathon website.


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