Juneathon Day #24

Last night’s excesses weren’t as excessive as originally planned and although I was slightly hungover this morning I needed to clear my head and a spin round the marshes seemed more appealing than a two mile walk to the gym. So off I went with my newly charged wireless headphones and loaded my iPod with the album I first ran to over the marshes and it’s quiet over the marshes and it’s raining and I’m getting soaking wet and I’ve turned up my iPod so loud my ears are bleeding. Bliss.

And while I’m running I’m thinking about next month’s Lardathon and how I want to lose a stone and be the size I was before I stopped smoking and if it wasn’t for the fact that the smoking ban comes into force in a week I’d start smoking again although not really because then I’d just sit around smoking and doing fuck all else like I used to and I’m thinking about how I only bought my scales last year because I thought I’d put on weight and then my scales said I was 8 st 8 and now they say I’m 9 st 5 and how could I have put on nearly a stone when I eat reasonably healthy most of the time except for yesterday’s double caramel magnum, pizza and banoffee pie and next month there will be no crap eating at all except for the free ice cream at the end of the month because free ice cream doesn’t count.

And as usual I try and get round the marshes in less than 30 minutes and as usual I don’t manage it but that would probably be because I always stop to walk up the small slope big massive hill.

Today’s route

Miles: 2.96
Total time: 30:09
Average pace: 10:11
Total calories: 278
Hangovers: 1
3 mile marshes routes done in 30 minutes: 0
Black Wire – God of Traffic
Black Wire – Attack! Attack! Attack!
Black Wire – Smoke And Mirrors
Black Wire – Promote The Happy Hours
Black Wire – Hard To Love Easy To Lay
Black Wire – 800 Million Heart Beats
Black Wire – Broken Back
Black Wire – Both Your Houses


  • Not far off 10 minute miles though!

    You’re by no means overweight but FWIW, they reckon each pound you lose knocks two seconds per mile off your pace, so that’ll put you close to 9:30 miles even without any training (which you are of course going to be doing)

    now please stop talking about banoffee pie! 😉

  • I didn’t even like the banoffee pie very much, I’d never had it before. I should have had the chocolate fudge cake 🙂

    If I didn’t have a footbridge to go over, three gates to go through and a big massive hill to go up, I could get round the marshes in 30 minutes 🙁

  • Looking forward to Lardathon – the logo will look great 😉

    Well done on the run – I can’t get over how wet it is :-/

  • Oooooh – didn’t know we had a logo 🙂

  • Lardathon fkn Lardathon!!!!………………………sounds great 🙂 when can i go buy a box of Magnums?

  • oh …. i better save some lard for july.
    magnum anybody?

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