Janathon Penguin Prance Dressing Gown Dash Video Challenge

You know I mentioned in the last Janathon newsletter that I was going to set up a Dressing Gown Dash Video Challenge? (If you didn’t receive the newsletter or you’re not taking part in Janathon [eh? why? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?], you can read it here.) Well, seeing as on the very first ever Janathon my *ahem* effort was to run round the garden in my dressing gown, it seemed appropriate that I kick off Janathon’s 5th birthday in the same way but with slightly more elegance, sophistication and finesse.

So I did it in my penguin onesie.

Here’s the introduction:

And here’s the run.

Now it’s your turn. I want to see videos of you in your onesies/pyjamas/dressing gowns/anything except ‘normal’ running gear running round your garden/park/front room. I’ll post all the videos on here at the end of Janathon and the public can vote for their favourite and I’ll sort out a prize for the winner.

I can’t wait to see your videos!


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