Juneathon Day 4 – Lots of photos

Another sleepless night but I told myself I’d go to the gym this morning – after all, it wouldn’t actually kill me, would it? Probably not, but then I looked out the window and there was BRIGHT SUNSHINE, WAHOO, so I thought I’d be better off going outside and getting a heavy dose of vitamin D instead.

I took my usual route up the Greensand Way and although I didn’t take my camera with me, here are some photos I took a few weeks ago. Just imagine them with bluer skies. You might as well also imagine them covered in houses, as that’s what it’ll look like in a few years.

path daisy flowers forest trees field2 field road cat dandelion butterfly sign road2 trees2

I felt energised after my walk in the sun, so hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight and maybe even attempt a run tomorrow. Don’t hold me to that though, eh?


Distance: 4.1 miles
Time: 1:14:57

Where I run (sometimes)

I ran the other day, honest.  I didn’t want to because I find it really boring running round here and miss the diversity of the marshes and so I thought to myself, how can I make it more interesting? and I thought I know, I’ll take my camera out with me, I used to like taking photos when I ran and so I decided to take my phone and use the camera on that and so here are the photos of where I run (sometimes).

I decided to run round the field and I thought I’d taken the first photo at the edge of the field but obviously not, as the first photo on my phone was of the not-dead-yet-sheep.


And I had originally thought I’d run up the steep bit

Photo0030but then I decided I couldn’t be bothered and so carried on round the field and there was a tractor in the field doing it’s tractor thing


and then I went through the trees


to get to the next field


and then I was back out on the road


and I wondered if it had been re-tarmaced as it looked dark and smooth and I wondered maybe it just looked different to how I remembered as I hadn’t been there for a while and then I got to The Tree


and then the road looked like it usually does and not smooth and dark but with big holes in like this


and so then I risked my life dodging the big holes and went home and it was more enjoyable taking my camera so I think I’ll do it again next time.

Distance: 2.98 miles
Time: 40:32
Pace: 13:37
Calories: 292
Not-dead-yet-sheep: lots
Tractors: 1
Trees: Some
Fields: 2
Smooth roads: 1
The Trees: 1
Unsmooth roads: 1
The Cure