Smiley faces and white dog poo

I went for a five mile walk yesterday. I usually hate walking for more than, say, a mile, but I wanted to investigate the next bit of the Greensand Way and I can only run about a mile at the mo.

When I got to what I thought was the next bit of the Greensand Way though, the sign said ‘bridleway’ and not ‘footpath’ and so it confused me and I didn’t want to walk up there just to turn round and walk back if it didn’t go anywhere especially as there was a man in a hi-vis vest on the corner of the gypsy house and I didn’t want him to think I was a weirdo going into fields for two minutes then coming back out of them so I carried on up the road until I saw a sign that said ‘footpath’ and investigated up there but the path only went about two feet parallel to the road and then back on to the road and so I went back the way I came and wanted to go up where it said bridleway but the hi-vis vest man was still there and he probably already thought I was a weirdo for walking up the road and back and so I went into the woods opposite instead and saw this

walk 004

and then walked back along the roads instead of the fields and I saw a smiley face on a door

walk 006

and even more exciting than the smiley face on the door was the 70s style white dog poo. Yay.

walk 007

Slightly less exciting than the smiley face on the door and the 70s style white dog poo was this snail.

walk 008

Next time, I won’t worry about people thinking I’m a weirdo and I will investigate the bridleway.

Stats (walking)

Distance: 5.11 miles
Time: 1:33:34
Pace: 18:18
Calories: 373
Bridleways: 1
Bridleways I walked up: 0
Men in hi-vis vests: 1
Smiley faces on doors: 1
White dog poos: 1
Snails: 1