The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak

Hmm, got home raring to go and really looking forward to a run, especially as the sun had finally came out (not much point in it coming out at 6 o'clock in the evening but ho hum) but ended up walking quite a bit. At least I don't want to kill anybody anymore. I don't care if Bernard says I sound like Denise (and if he keeps comparing me to Denise I'm going to have to punch him), people on the tube and trains REALLY bug me. Why can't they just be quiet. I want to listen to my iPod not their inane conversations. Oh well, three days off work, yippee!

Think I'll leave my camera at home next time I go out running and do more running and less stopping and taking pictures but it would appear that the council read my blog as they have trimmed back the path. Look

it's not so scary anymore, hurrah!  Here's what it looked like last week

Took a scenic route tonight so I can show everyone that I really live in the countryside and not in the fag end of East London. Look, we have canals and everything.

At least, I think it's a canal. I don't think it's the river. God, I sound dumb. Never mind. Let's continue on this scenic route.
Yee ha! Gee gees! (That's horses to the more grown up of you out there.)

Here's some greenery.

It's green and grassy, that's because it's green grass and stuff.
Here's some more green stuff.

I actually hate the countryside. What's all this no pavements and have to walk in the road nonsense? Madness.
Aah, more gee gees.

Um, some more horses. (Going to revert back to my real age now.)

All this talk about a drought, we have loads of water here. Look, here's some more watery stuff.

Well then, that's my scenic route, isn't it pretty?

Just two weeks til my mini-marathon (heh heh) and it's not looking very likely that I'm going to complete it without stopping. Oh well. Kate's finally made a decision about whether to do it or not and her decision is not. She's going to come and support me and Gary though which means she's going to see us in the pub afterwards. At least we now have an official bag looker afterer.

It's Friday which means it's beer o'clock although it's water o'clock for me tonight as I'm going to have a sober Friday and a hangover free Saturday which I haven't had for a few weeks and anyway I have to make up for the bottle of wine and half tub of Ben & Jerry's I had last night.

Here are my not very impressive

Miles: 2.91 miles
Time: 35:12
Average pace: 12:05 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.0mph
Max speed: 7.2mph
Calories burnt: 281
Music: Hard-Fi, Black Wire
Horses and stuff: see pics above.


  • Thanks for the friendly cross-link, Cathy. I love your blog — it’s both amusing (okay, hilarious at times) and inspiring. Much better than many of the other runner blogs I’ve come across, which go like this:

    “Got up today and had a banana and some cereal. Went out for my run. My left metatarsil was giving me some trouble, but not too much. Had some pasta for lunch. Felt okay, especially after some cross training and spinning. Had dinner: Cornish game hens and red potatoes. Went to bed.”

    I may need to get one of those little cameras too, so I can snap some pictures of the (non-chocolate) bunnies I’m seeing in the park these days. Baby ducks and geese too.

  • Ah thanks Julie! I haven’t come across any blogs like that, maybe I’ve been lucky?

    I recommend getting a little camera, can’t have enough pics of bunnies, baby ducks and geese (well maybe geese you can) 🙂

  • Damn. I’m going shopping. Yesterday I saw a ground hog in the park. That does it.

  • Heh heh, good plan! We don’t get anything as exotic as ground hogs in the the park (although the local chavs could probably be described as such), will look forward to seeing the pics!

  • Wow , what a lovely place really …
    i wish we had the same stuff overhere …

  • I’ll swap you for your sunshine and palm trees Moo!

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