B&Q bathroom installation – day 20

Rick the tiler turns up at 8 and says he doesn’t know anything about the job. Hmm, good start. He says he’s going to be doing the decorating too. I say is he going to do the floor? He says no, they’ll send a carpenter for that, doesn’t know when though. I ask him if he’s going to be replacing the skirting board. He says no. I say but shouldn’t it be done before the decorating as obviously it’s going to need painting. He says the carpenter will probably do it and he can put a coat of paint on it.

I ask him if I’ve got enough tiles and he says it should just about be so I tell him to ring me if I need to buy some more. I ask him if I’ve got enough paint. He says it should be. I say will the decorating be finished tomorrow? He says he’s not sure as there’s quite a bit of prep work and it might need two coats as the coving’s very dark.

He calls me at 9:50 and says I need 3 more boxes of tiles. How did just about have enough turn into need another three boxes? That’s another £100, yikes. Why didn’t the designer measure properly? Duh. I tell him I’ll get some tonight. Please please please let them be in stock.

I get home after struggling back from B&Q with three boxes of tiles (they’re heavy and I don’t drive, I think my arms are going to fall off) and see that Rick the tiler has been very busy.  I thought when he’d run out of tiles, he’d have just buggered off home (or to the pub) but no, he has prepared the walls and put an undercoat on the whole room.  Woo, quite impressed!  Look, I’ve got white walls now and some tiles around the bath:

I’m still suing the ass off them though when it’s finished 🙂


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