Race day again

Yikes, what’s this, another early Sunday morning?  Must be getting old or something but I’m off to the London Heathside 5 today to go and run 3 and a half times round Finsbury Park.  I’ve checked the tubes are running to Finsbury Park this morning and according to the Transport for London Real-Time Map which bizarrely shows the working stations as the greyed out ones, the Victoria Line is running to Finsbury Park today.  Which means I don’t have to get on the peasant wagon.  Hurrah.

Hopefully there’ll be more people to run with this morning, as last week at the IC Marrow Fun Run in Hyde Park, I might as well have just gone out for a run on my own as there was no one near me for the entire 5 miles except for a couple of other runners in the distance who I was trying not to lose as they were helping me to not go the wrong way.

I will update later.

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