The Daily Daisy

It’s my last day of being a lady of leisure. I’m going to miss getting up and going for a run, as I have done every day except Monday this week.

Today’s run was cut short as there were two dodgy looking women in the park. Apart from the fact that they were wearing matching red fleeces and one was sitting on the bench and the other was standing a few feet away, I don’t know why I thought they were dodgy but I took a detour rather than go past them and went home.

Before I went home though I did take another pic of a daisy. This one is particularly impressive because it’s pink.

And my attempts at taking a pic of a blackbird today were again ruined by the camera shy blackbirds flying off any time I stopped and got my camera out but I did manage to get a shot of this one that was too busy eating to notice me.

When I got home my cat has done a shit that Gillian McKeith would be proud of. What she wouldn’t be proud of, however, is the fact that she’s done it in the bath. I spent five hours cleaning yesterday and my evil git of a cat has pooed in my nice clean and shiny bath. I was going to buy her a new feeding bowl and litter tray today but I don’t think she deserves it now. Bad kitty.

Today’s route

Miles: 1.99
Total time: 24:51
Average pace: 12:29 minute/mile
Total calories: 221
Pink daisies: lots
Blackbirds eating: 1
Dodgy looking women in matching red fleeces: 2
Cats pooing in bath: 1
Things done from to do list (out of 13): 9
Albert Hammond Jr – In Transit
Adam Ant – Beautiful Dream
Dollar – Hand Held In Black and White
XTC – Respectable Street
Cardiacs – Hello Mr Sparrow
Adam And The Ants – Hello I Love You
Black Wire – Hung Up
Cardiacs – A Bus For A Bus On The Bus


  • “my cat has done a shit that Gillian McKeith would be proud of” i spat things all over my monitor while lol when i read this 🙂

    Your the worst Black Bird picture taker i know and i know many.

    Great daisy 🙂

  • A particularly bad blackbird photo taker – it looks suspiciously like a crow to me.

  • Hi, I found your page because its links to my brother in laws site, I like your pics of where you run what area is that????? Our cats if locked in(they are a bastards to find) does it on the bathroom mat??????? Very funny that it did it in the bath(for me not you).

  • Hi Tony, thanks for visiting my blog, who’s your brother in law?

    I think I’d prefer my cat to poo in the bath, rather than the mat. I suppose though you can just throw the mat away, easier than throwing the bath away 🙂

  • Gillian McKeith – glad you used her proper name and didn’t pu the “Dr” in front 😀

    Our cat was fantastic at bringing us half dead presents – mainly black birds… you could have easliy taken a picture of one then 😉

  • Blackbirds and crows (and pigeons for that matter) are evil.

  • His Blog is Lets Talk(grafnic)

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