I get up and think I’ll go to the gym at lunchtime, I’ll be too tired after work to run due to being up late due to going out to see the Greatest Musician In The World Ever and then I think no I will force myself to go out for a run and go to the gym tomorrow lunchtime and so I go to work and on the way home I’m thinking I’ll do my three mile route and then I get home and yay some wire’s arrived so I can make some more jewellery and I think I need to change the songs on my iPod because they are shit and I think while my iPod is updating with some good songs I will look at the wire but not start playing with it and so I start updating my iPod and I get the wire out and I have some thicker wire and I wonder how easy it is to bend and I get my pliers out and make a spiral and think stop it, put down the wire and the pliers and get changed and then I wonder if the pink wire is very thin and I make a coil out of it and then I think later I’ll make a bracelet out of pink wire and the pink and black spiky rubber beads I bought and I think put down the pliers, go and get changed and my iPod still hasn’t updated and then there’s scratching and scrabbling in the attic and I think oh shit, what’s that? mice? rats? birds? big spiders? squirrels? and I hope it’s squirrels and I think perhaps I won’t go out for a run, perhaps I’ll stay in on squirrel watch and make jewellery and then I think no no no you must go out, you told yourself you were going to this morning and I think I can’t be bothered to do the three mile route and then I think I know, I’ll compromise and do the two mile route and I think why am I compromising with myself? I can do what I want and if I don’t want to go for a run I don’t have to and then I see my belly in the mirror and think, hmm, maybe I should go for a run and I think while I’m out there I can think about the jewellery I can make and so I get changed and I think maybe I’ll stay in and I think no no no, you’ve even got changed, just get out there and my iPod is finally updated and I get my Garmin and I go out and do the two mile route which brings me nicely downhill all the way for the second mile down the market and I think well, that wasn’t too bad after all.

Distance: 2.15 miles
Time: 22:48
Pace: 10:35
Calories: 208
Stereo Total
Bobby Conn

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