Go-ID Personal Emergency ID Kit

I used to have the Cram Alert ID, but that’s a subscription based ID and it expired aaaaaaaaaaaaages ago and I wasn’t going to renew it, especially as I could never do the stupid thing up. I looked at other IDs but didn’t get around to buying one, which means I go running ID-less.

Then I got the chance to try out Go-ID which lets you create your own ID online, then print it out in your own home.

When you buy your ID kit, you’ll be sent a metal fob that you can either affix to your running watch, or tie to your shoelace or hang on your zip or backpack. You’ll also get everything you need (except the printer) to print your label; the label (including extra labels in case you mess it up), the laminate to cover and protect it, velcro for affixing it to your watch and a silicon cover and metal hook for attaching it to your shoes or zip.

Sounds like a bit of a faff? Yeah, it is. It totally is, but I managed to print off my label with emergency contact details the first time I tried, albeit after a bit of tweaking to make it fit nicely (you can preview the label before printing).



I really can’t be bothered to tie ID to my shoelaces, partly because I then spend most of the run looking down to see if it’s still there and partly because if I wanted to wear a different pair of shoes, I’d have to untie it and retie it and meh to that. So I used the supplied velcro to attach it to my Garmin.


However you want to use it, there’s plenty of instructions and diagrams on the website, which will walk you through step-by-step to make your ID.

The Go-ID kit costs $18.95 and is available in four different colours.

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