First run of the year

I, not very surprisingly, slacked off from the Serpentine New Year’s Day 10k, deciding that staying where I was was far preferable than dragging my hangover round Hyde Park for over an hour, although I did keep checking my watch to keep up with how far I would be round it, so I think that almost counts as actually running it.  So, as I have just about recovered now from New Year’s Eve, I thought I’d better get unslack and get out there even though it was looking a bit gloomy but I had it on good authority that murderers only come out in the dark and anyway, on a weekday lunchtime, they should be at their day jobs.

I wimped out of sitting on the wall while my N95 and Garmin GPSd themselves up, and put them in the garden while I stayed in the warm for a bit longer then ventured outside to see if I still knew how to put one foot in front of the other.

I did an incredibly lame 7 miles round the marshes which included a lot of walking but didn’t include any photo based emergencies, even when I saw a strange yellow bird, so I think the no photos cancels out the walking bits.  Hurrah.

Now I need to decide on my drinking in January plans.  Kate’s cut out completely, Tracey’s only drinking free alcohol and Gary’s cutting out drinking on his own unless it’s Friday or Saturday.  I think I like Gary’s idea best.

Distance: 7.12 miles
Time: 1:26:21
Pace: 12:07
Calories: 664
Walking breaks: lots
Photo emergencies: 0
Polyphonic Spree
No Doubt
Manic Street Preachers
Idle Vice Pirate
The Cure
Au Pairs
David Bowie


  • oh…so you’re calling 7 miles ‘lame’ now?
    shows how well you are doing!

    happy new year …

    my resolution is to drink more in 08 🙂

  • Ha, lame as in I walked most of it!

    Happy New Year to you too. Oh, drink more, I didn’t think of that one, hmm…

  • Well done on the 7 😛

    Gary has it nailed! also if you are on your own – boot up MSN and I’ll chat to you 😉 that way you’re not – Win, WIn.

  • I’m practically sticking to Garys rules, trouble is it would be awfully easy to drag some youf in off the street (or my doormat which is where they seem to like to smoke their dope) to watch me drink, thereby providing the necessary company.

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