Return of the Shuffle

Last night I meet up with my anonymous friend as we’ve arranged to go to a blogger’s meet up where there is free alcohol, which my anonymous friend can write about on her anonymous blog. We listen to an interesting talk on the legalities of blogging (basically if you think you’re safe writing about something, you’re probably not), drink free alcohol and we get interviewed by a journalist from the Metro and my anonymous friend tells her about her anonymous blog and I tell her about this blog and also about my new anonymous blog (there’s no link there, stop clicking). And I get my Shuffle back. Hurrah.

I remain distinctly sober, a fact which doesn’t remain unnoticed by Bernard and Dez who join us after their Nightwish gig, and undoubtedly helped by the fact that I am under strict orders not to drink wine and so stick to bottles of Corona whilst being taunted by my anonymous friend who drinks wine all night. Bah.

And because I remain distinctly sober I get up in the morning and decide to take my newly reacquired Shuffle out for a run and to see if I can redeem myself slightly after yesterday’s feeble effort.

I decide to do my six mile route and head off to the marshes and past the marina and I manage to do a mile without stopping unlike yesterday and I go over the bridge and Saffron from Republica starts singing You’re Drop Dead Gorgeous and I’m trying to remember what her surname is and I decide it’s probably not Walden and then I’m in Hackney Marshes and going through the Middlesex Filterbeds or whatever they’re called and I can see smoke and I think oh no, I don’t want to be where people are making fires, they might burn me to death or something but as I get there there’s quite a few worker types doing some kind of grass burning thing so I decide they’re probably allowed to be there doing some kind of grass burning thing and I get through to the football fields and there’s a man walking towards me and he hasn’t got a dog and he looks weird and there isn’t anyone else around and for some reason he’s scaring the living daylights out of me and I look at my arm and remember I didn’t put my alarm on and he smiles and I don’t know whether to smile back or not and he gives me a kind of wave and says morning and I give him a kind of half smile but my internal weirdo radar is bleeping like mad and I want to get away asap and I carry on running and keep turning round to make sure he’s not following me and I feel bad as he could be a perfectly nice bloke just out for a walk and I get to the edge of the marshes and carry on going round and get to the other side and there’s another man walking across the football fields and he hasn’t got a dog either and I’m thinking I don’t want to go into the foresty bit, he might follow me and I carry on running on the grass and keep turning round to see which way the man’s going and he’s going the other way from me so I turn off through the bushes and onto the path in the foresty bit and fuck me, the man who scared the living daylights out of me on the other side of the field is there leaning against a railing and I think how the fuck did he get there? that’s not the way he was going and he isn’t scaring me any less than he did before and I do a quick u-turn and go back the way I came and then I think shit, which way am I supposed to go now, I don’t want to go back the way I came as it’s all isolated and deserted and I’m getting very paranoid now although I’m aware it’s probably just because I’ve had nearly two weeks off work and have had no contact with the general public and now have hermity paranoia disease and I’ll have to go back by road and I haven’t got any money on me for the bus so I’ll have to run and I don’t know the way and then I remember that I went that way by road last year and so I head off down the road and I think I’m about three miles from home and I hope it’s not going to take too long to get back as I’d put a potato in the oven before I came out and I haven’t just narrowly escaped being murdered by a weirdo over the marshes just to get home and find out my house has burnt down but I manage to get home without getting lost and without getting murdered and my house didn’t burn down either. Result.

Today’s route

Distance: 7.25 miles
Time: 1:22:05
Pace: 11:19 m/m
Calories: 689
Weird men: 1
Potatoes: 1
Faith No More
Stereo Total
Manic Street Preachers
Franz Ferdinand
Heaven 17
Jeff Buckley
Black and White
Maximo Park
Modest Mouse
The Prodigy

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