Fat Bastards’ Running Club in Bristol

Simon is a self-professed fat bastard and has a blog I’ve been following for a while.  He’s just set up a Fat Bastards’ Running Club in Bristol and is looking for people to join him.  I can’t join because a) I’m not in Bristol; and b) I’m not a fat bastard.  But if I was, I’d join his club and not just because a) he’s funny and; b) he puts apostrophes in the right place.

Check out his blog, How 2 Lose 8 Stone and Run a Marathon.


  • Bristolian fat bastards who run and know how to use apostrophes correctly are definitely the best sort of fat bastard.

  • Enjoyed finding this… I’m a fat running bastard was 22stone but chewed myself down to 14stone now still pretty wobbly for a 5’3 lass!!!.. Been running for a couple of months and coming to Bristol on 5th may to do my first 10k …kinda excited.

    Bet of luck to you!

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