Another crappy run by yours truly

I went out for a spin round the park and the park’s quite quiet which was nice because it’s mid to late morning and usually gets busy by then and I do a lap of the park and then go up to the sports field and there’s someone running there. What the fuck? I’m used to having the place to myself and I think maybe I should stop him and say excuse me but this is my sports field, go and find yourself your own sports field and then I think well he looks like he could do with a bit of exercise so good for him for getting out there and not sitting at home eating a fry up whilst watching Saturday morning telly.

I pass him again and wonder why I always seem to run in the other direction to other people, even at races, and I go back to the park and wonder if I can do another lap and I decide I can’t as I’m going so slowly someone’s going to stop me in a minute and ask me if I’m dead so I go home to do some garden stuff but I need to buy some more compost to plant more seeds and I’m very happy because the seeds I planted are growing, yay. Look, here are some sunflowers, chili plants and basil growing.

And in here we have some rocket.

And some spinach.

And a sunflower. It is in there, honest. It’s that green dot.

And I’m wondering where to get compost from as funnily enough I don’t want to go to B&Q, even if I have still got a £9.98 credit note to use up (no, that’s not my compensation; my claim is in the hands of the arbitrators at the mo) but I don’t know where else to get compost except for Woolworths which will mean battling my way up the longest street market in Europe, and the idea of that is less than appealing and there’s always massive queues in Woolworths and the queues take even longer now that the staff in Woolworths have been given a script and ask the customers if they got everything they needed and was there anything they couldn’t find and if there was anything else they could help them with and it’s all very annoying and I think maybe I’ll give Woolworths a miss.

Today’s route

Miles: 1.58
Total time: 16:09
Average pace: 10:14 minute/mile
Total calories: 152
People running in my sports field: 2
Seeds growing: lots
Mark Ronson – Stop Me
Scissor Sisters – She’s My Man
XTC – Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)
Calvin Harris – Acceptable In The 80s


  • Your poor spinach plants appear to have been planted in a crevasse – looks like you need some more compost 😉

    I want to say that it’s 2 L’s in chilli but I’m trying to resist for fear of sounding like a right wa**er.

    You’ve made me start pining for a garden, I want to grow some crops.

  • You don’t sound like a wa**er and I’m the world’s biggest pedant when it comes to spelling and I used to think it was two L’s in chili, but I think it can be spelt either way and I decided to spell it with one L.

    You can grow some crops on a windowsill 🙂

  • I have just started doing my garden etc, herbs,potatoes,onions and stuff i have no idea what will happen. 🙂

  • Wikipedia has it with one L as well so what do I know!

  • So when did you lock yourself out?

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