A jog for Juneathon

I woke up this morning and wondered who had run me over with a steamroller, then I remembered I did body pump yesterday for the first time in ages. Then I remembered I’d promised on Facebook to runningman856 that I’d do a run today and thought oh shit. Then I remembered that I’d stayed up until the early hours watching the punk thing on BBC4 (how brilliant was that?) and drinking wine and thought oh fucking shit. Body pump aches and a hangover don’t really go with a run.

I wondered if I could get out of running by saying I didn’t want to rub Shaun’s nose in the fact that I can exercise and he can’t (he went mountain biking in Wales and came back with two broken ribs and a dislodged liver. Cassie said that out of the two of us, she didn’t think it would be Shaun that would end up with a dislodged liver. Ha bloody ha) but Shaun said no, go and run. So I did. Not very far though but IT WAS A RUN, so there.

Muscles aching from body pump: all of them
Broken ribs: 2
Dislodged livers: 1
Runs: 1

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