Cision Fitness and Exercise Blogs UK Top 10

2013-Top-10-Cision-Blog-BadgeCision interviewed fitness guru Julia Buckley last week and in that interview, Julia said my blog was one of her favourites – thanks, Julia, I’m honoured and delighted! This led to Cision ranking me at number four in the Fitness and Exercise Blogs UK Top 10 which obviously further honoured and delighted me.

You’d think that as the UK’s number four fitness and exercise blogger, I’d actually do some fitness and exercise stuff, especially as I’m still on my Operation Stop Being A Fat Lazy Cow thing. So, yes, I have been to the gym over the last few days but I haven’t done any running though. I haven’t run for a month or more – anyone got any tips on how I can get back out there?

AWDis Girlie Cool T-Shirt

I only did half an hour of weights yesterday, but I’m aching today. That’s what you get for not doing any exercise for a month, I suppose.

Today I went to the gym and not just because I had a new AWDis Girlie Cool T-shirt from I wanted to try out.


I like this t-shirt. It fits well, it’s red (I like red), it’s got wickability, it’s comfortable and, best of all, it doesn’t cost much over six quid. Yeah, six quid for a proper technical wicking t-shirt without having to go into that well known high street shop that does cheapy sportswear but has a layout like a van backed into the shop, ejected its contents and left it there in a muddled heap. 

You don’t have to get a red one; you can get a black one, a yellow one, a purple one, a white one, a one-of-their-three-different-shades-of-blue one, a fluorescent pink one and even a kelly green one (whatever that is).

By the way, ‘AWDis’ stands for All We Do Is. I’m not sure what it is they only do. Make decent cheap t-shirts, maybe.

I got to the gym and as I got there a girl was going in and she held the door open for me and then there she was in the changing room and it’s only a small room and there was only two of us in there and so I thought I should probably make conversation or something but all I could think of to say was ‘cold, innit?’ and I’d already had the ‘cold, innit?’ conversation with the girl on reception, so I just smiled at her, hung up my coat and went out and did some gym stuff.

After being on the rowing machine and cross-trainer, I wanted to do an Audiofuel Thru the Gears session on the treadmill but I hadn’t run for nearly four weeks when I did three miles with a running group. Yes, a running group. Me, out running with other people on purpose and not just accidentally because I got caught up in a bunch of schoolkids running for the bus. Get me, Miss Social Runner.

Anyway, I managed a whole Thru the Gears session without any walking bits and felt knackered but great after.

I’m quite enjoying this Operation Stop Being a Fat Lazy Cow. I’ve still got university assignments to do though, bah.

Operation Stop Being a Fat Lazy Cow day 3
Rowing machine: 20 minutes
Cross-trainer: 20 minutes
Treadmill: 15 minutes
New t-shirts: 1
‘Cold, innit?’ dilemmas: 1

Operation Stop Being A Fat Lazy Cow

‘If you drink wine tonight, you won’t go to the gym tomorrow.’ Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. Anyway, I did drink wine last night – today is the start of the Easter break after all, so it was compulsory wasn’t it? But I couldn’t let Shaun come home and say ‘told you so’, so I went to the gym. I hadn’t been for about a month but it was right where I’d left it, just a few minutes’ walk down the road and so Operation Stop Being A Fat Lazy Cow had begun.

We all know that exercise alone doesn’t shift the fat so I’m going to have to cut down on the crisps and stuff too and, in a timely fashion, the mini-Nutribox I’d been sent to review came through the door this morning (well, sort of through the door, the postie isn’t very good at putting the post all the way through).


The mini-Nutribox contains nine healthy snacks. All vegetarian, mostly vegan and, from what I can tell from the contents of this month’s box, raw too. I am a firm believer that raw food is the best food and today out of the box I had an ‘Energise’ goji, flax and maca superfood raw ‘fruit cookie’ and, as well as being stupidly healthy, it was flipping delicious too. I’m going to blog more about the Nutribox on my veggie blog soon.

I’m tracking my food and exercise on myfitnesspal, so if anyone’s on there and wants to friend me or follow me or whatever they call it on there, my username is jogblog.

Operation Stop Being A Fat Lazy Cow Day 1

Rowing machine: 20 minutes
Cross-trainer: 20 minutes
Crisps and stuff: 0