Easy does it

Was being at one with nature at the gym today.  Oh hang on, no, there was no greenery, just lots of silver machines (ooh, now I’ve got Hawkwind in my head, goody).  Yes I was on the treadmill again, don’t really want to make this into a treadmill blog because that would be really cr*p but ho hum.

On the way back from the gym last night, the train went past the marshes and there were people riding horses and I realised that that is why running over the marshes is better than running on a treadmill, there’s no gee gees in the gym, shame. 

My boss has just gone home early.  He said he was doing it for me as then I won’t have so much to do.  That was nice of him, wasn’t it? 🙂


  • I’d sneak off early then 🙂 and tell him that you were doing it for him… saving some electricity.

  • I did sneak off early although there was no point as it meant I was too early to meet my mate!

    I have a week off now, yah!! Might even attempt running out in the wild 🙂

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