This week’s training schedule

Wow, I actually stuck to my training schedule today which called for 4 miles, so I did 4 miles. And I did it without stopping, yay, go me! V. surprising as my training schedule this week has comprised:

Monday – gym (finely tuned athlete stylee)
Tuesday – 3 mile run (yay, go me, still finely tuned athlete stylee)
Wednesday – wine and frozen pizza (ah well, need a day off from being a finely tuned athlete sometimes, don’t you?)
Thursday – pub and restaurant, which meant lager and pizza (well, a friend had come to visit, you have to entertain your guests, don’t you?)
Friday – gym at lunchtime (yay, back to being a finely tuned athlete), pizza and lager in the evening (oops)

So, after my not particularly healthy diet this week, am quite impressed that I managed to get out this morning and do 4 miles. Just need to work up to another two miles in the next four weeks.

I said to Gary yesterday, how about a month’s pledge of no alcohol? He didn’t like that idea and said it wasn’t reasonable. He’s probably right.

Miles: 4.39
Total time: 47:26
Average pace: 10:48 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.2mph
Max speed: 8.0mph
Total calories: 425
Cows: 4


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