B&Q bathroom installation – day 30

At 9:50 I ring the installation centre and say Parcel Force tried to deliver the panel on Monday but I wasn’t in and they left a card to say they’d try again tomorrow but I still won’t be in, so can you organise a before 9am delivery please?  Man on phone says no, it’s coming from Parcel Force, I’d have to speak to them.  I say but I’ve been waiting for my bathroom to be finished for ages, this is the sixth week, can’t you send another panel out?  He says no, what Parcel Force will do is try to deliver three times and he can’t do anything until the delivery fails and they get the panel back, then he can arrange another delivery.



  • Twats indeed. I failed at trying to get “B and Bloody Q” into any conversasion this weekend. I could’nt even think of a witty one liner without conversation. Better luck next time.

  • Two of the UK’s greatest companies working hand in hand to offer you a complete solution – Parcel Farce and B&Bloody Q.

    Have they talked about any compensation yet?

  • Parcel Farce, like it!

    I haven’t mentioned compensation yet as, from my research, they’ll make me wait until the installation’s finished before I can make a claim.

    The only time it was mentioned was when Jackie at the installation centre said she’d talk to the compensation team about getting me some money for my kitchen floor that they tore a hole in. Never heard anything about that since though, funny that 🙂

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