B&Q bathroom installation – day 32

So now Parcel Force are lying to me too. The card I got on Monday definitely said they would try to deliver again on Tuesday or Thursday (there aren’t any other days beginning with a “T” that I’ve forgotten about, are there? I couldn’t really make out for sure what day it said but it definitely began with a “T”. Maybe it’s a special Parcel Force alphabet) but there was no card on Tuesday to say they’d called, and there was no card today, so where’s my bath panel?

They’re all in cahoots to piss me off 🙁

I don’t think I’ve said “cahoots” before though, I like it, I’m going to say it more often 🙂

Thought I’d post some pics of what’s left to do. Even though I’m waiting for the end panel, why can’t they come round to finish off the sink, the floor and replace the ceiling light that they’ve left dangling? And get rid of the pipes they’ve left out in the garden. This is week six, it’s going to be going into week seven, ’tis not good.

Twats. I might ring them tomorrow, they’ve got complacent since I stopped ringing them every two minutes but I was getting fed up with being project manager, and at least I can actually have a bath now.

Update #2
Someone visited the site by searching for “should i pay up front for an bathroom installation”.  Ha ha, I reckon he/she has got their answer now!  🙂


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