Who stole my energy?

I think someone broke in overnight earlier this week and stole my energy because it appears that I now have none.  I haven’t been out for a run (or to the gym) all week and it’s looking unlikely that I’m going to make the race on Sunday unless I get some energy stores from somewhere.  Don’t want to waste my seven English pounds though.  Although it’s already partly wasted as they sent me a large t-shirt when I asked for a small one.  I can’t even wear what they sent me to the gym, it’s faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too big.  No one is that large, not even large people.

And when I got the race pack, in the letter it says they can’t be held responsible for any personal belongings so I emailed them and said does that mean there’s no bag storage and if so, I won’t be able to come as I’m coming on my own and no one to look after my stuff and they wrote back and said there’s no bag storage but I’m welcome to put my bag in their van which will be in the park and locked.  Which is very nice of them, but what if they forget my bag’s in their van and drive off with it, or I can’t find their van?  And what if everyone wants to put their bag in their van, how will they fit 500 bags in their van?

It’s too confusing.


  • ooh what happened to the blog? If I didn’t see all the references to B&Q I wouldn’t know who you were.

    I left my bag in the boot of somebody’s car when I went to the Bushy Park TT, when I finished, the car park was nearly empty, I was disoriented and I couldn’t remember what colour the car was. I’m surprised I wasn’t arrested for rifling through so many car boots.

  • Wrap the van in your huge T-shirt so you can easily spot it when you finish ;-)… do the run you will feel loads better after.

  • Ok then, you’re the boss, I’ll do the run, I do feel a bit brighter today 🙂 Although that’ll mean no drinking on Saturday 🙁

    I will try and remember the colour of the van.

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