Juneathon Day #9

So much for my lie-in. You’d have thought after a week’s worth of partying and no lie-in the previous weekend, that I could shut down a bit and not get up earlier than I do when I go to work but no, up at 7:15 and out the door to complete today’s Juneathon.

I had seen posters locally advertising a fair by the ice rink and considering the ice rink is over the marshes and a wee bit bigger than the smallest park in the world ever I went to investigate to make sure it wasn’t going to be the second smallest fair in the world ever. And, hurrah, it’s not. Look, there’s scary rides that go high up in the sky, yay.

And there’s one the same as the one me and Bernard went on in Brighton that no one else would go on because they were too chicken.

But I am not chicken. I am hardcore. Although not as hardcore as Warriorwoman who drinks Stella did a running commute last night of 10 miles.

After my investigations of the funfair have completed I think shall I do the four mile river route of the marshes and I think no I think I’ll go back the way I came and I don’t make it without walking. And then walking again. And then I think my house is only about 30 seconds away, surely I can run 30 seconds and I decide to take a picture of this nice pink flower instead.

And then I get to the park and I think I can probably manage a lap of the park and in the park are some roses and although I hate roses I take a picture of them anyway.

And I manage a lap of the smallest park in the world and I leave the park and my Garmin says I’ve done 2.92 miles so I decide to round it up to 3 miles, finely tuned athlete stylee.

Today’s route

Miles: 3.01
Total time: 37:01
Average pace: 12:18
Total calories: 265
Juneathon days completed: 8/30
Funfairs: 1
Heaven 17 – (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
XTC – Making Plans For Nigel
Kasabian – Club Foot
The Bravery – No Brakes
The Cribs – I’m Alright Me
Marc Almond – A Million Manias
Elysian Fields – Dream Within A Dream


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