Running commute #12

I admit it.  I have been slacking.  I bailed out of running altogether at the weekend, not even thinking of doing my 15 mile cross country race or even doing a long run by myself, due to the fact that after a load of wine, chocolate and crisps the night before I was feeling decidedly ropey.

Monday morning sees me back at work after my two week break, the first week of which I spent looking (successfully) for a new job and I tell my boss I was offered another job while I was off and that I’m leaving.  He says that’s nice, well done and that I’ll be missed as I do a good job.   And I tell the agency I’m leaving on Wednesday 30 April and does the new firm want me to start on Thursday or can they wait ’til Tuesday 6 May after the Bank Holiday?  I cross my fingers while I wait for him to get back to me that they don’t mind waiting.  The agency emails and says the Tuesday will be fine.  New job, more money, time off before I start the new one. Result.

This morning I’m feeling the effects of being in the pub all evening the night before without eating and only getting five hours sleep but I have resolved to do a running commute tonight and so a running commute I shall do.

I head off for my commute and I’m glad I won’t have to do it for much longer as soon I’ll have a new commute to do, the route of which I’ve already printed off and it looks like most of it takes me a different way entirely although it still brings me to Murder Mile and as I get to Murder Mile today I see a man and I’m looking at him as there’s something not quite right and I realise it’s because he’s wearing a tie and looks very out of place and it’s still light and I cut through Millfields and decide to go through the marshes and as I get to the stables there’s a man walking through without a dog but I decide he’s just on his way home, same as me, and as I get towards the footbridge there’s a young lad with a dog which would  usually make him more trustworthy in my eyes but as he is drinking a can of Tennants Super and has a pitbull he’s looking more untrustworthy the nearer I get to him and so I speed up over the bridge and back to the safety of the street and cutting through the marshes seems to have knocked almost a mile off my running commute.  Cool.

Distance: 5.56 miles
Time: 1:06:44
Pace: 12:00 m/m
Calories: 528
New jobs: 1
Men wearing ties in Murder Mile:  1
Young men drinking Tennants Super with pitbulls: 1
The Ting Tings
Rollins Band
The Cult
Faith No More
Plain White Ts
The Killers


  • Congratulations both on the job and the running commute.

    I always admire people who can manage a runnning commute. I tried it once and it was rubbish – hated the rucksack.

  • Which job did you get? Was it THE job?

  • well done on the new job:)

  • Unfortunately it wasn’t THE job. I didn’t even get an interview for that, they decided to only see proper official geeks. I’m just going to be doing the same as I’m doing now except somewhere else.

    Using a small rucksack with hardly anything in it is the key to a running commute.

  • Hi, I’ve started a (very boring) running blog… do you mind if I add a link to your blog on my page? Not that anyone will ever read it, cos I don’t seem to meet murderers etc. on my runs, which is possibly a good thing.

  • Emma, I’d be honoured for you to link to me. I’ll link back over the weekend. And your blog’s not boring. You’ve mentioned butterflies and rabbits. I am extremely jealous you live opposite a river though. I live opposite a junk yard masquerading as a museum.

  • Thanks – I have added you to my blog roll. And also a picture of a frog, which was the most exciting thing I saw on my run today.

  • Hey Cathy well done on the new job. Starting after a break is nice.

  • Nice work young lady 😀 which end of town will the new job be? hope it goes well for you – we need to organise a catchup soon.

  • Hi JB, I’m not going to be too far from where I was although it will be a slightly shorter walk from Liverpool Street. What’s happening with the exhibition you’re supposed to be doing down here?

  • Cool for you 🙂 The Cancer Sell night is going to be in July I’ve been told…still waiting for more information.

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