RSI (repetitive song injury)

I’m undertaking another of my I’m-giving-up-something-for-a-month challenges and this month’s challenge is not to drink any alcohol or eat anything nice such as crisps, chocolate, cakes or pizza.  Gasp.  Although this is a lightweight challenge as Saturdays and the occasional Wednesday are excluded, as suggested by Shaun who although he said I should have something to look forward to, I think he probably meant that I’d be a miserable cow without drinking and eating pizza and he’d have to put up with me.  Hmm.

Still, day one of not drinking any alcohol or eating pizza, crisps, chocolate or cakes went without a hitch yesterday and I sat at home thoroughly enjoying my glass of water and not missing pizza at all and I had an early night and got up bright and early to start my half marathon training.  Which is in four weeks.  Oops.

I get to Springfield Park and wonder if I can run up the hill and I think of course I can, I can walk up mountains and so I run up the hill and stop after about two feet and walk the rest of the steep bit.  Wimp.  At the top of the hill is a man on a bench and I wonder if I should be scared and then I decide he’s just a man on a bench and therefore there’s no reason to be scared and I go round the park and go along the towpath by the houses so I’m not tempted to stop and look at the cows as today is going to be a serious training run day without any of that stopping for cow based photo emergencies thing and as I’m going alongside the river past the sex change pub three cyclists come along side by side and I think are you going to go single file or what and let me get through? and they don’t, they stay side by side and I have to go onto the verge close to the river but I manage not to fall into the river and they go past me and don’t bother saying thank you and I think next time a cyclist comes along I’m not going to get out of their way and they can fall into the river and two more cyclists come along and they do go single file and no one has to fall into the river and I’m wondering why the same four songs keep playing on my iPod and then I realise that when I downloaded the latest version of iTunes it stopped my Shuffle from updating and I think bollocks, I’ve got another four miles to go and only four songs and not even good songs, bollocks and I wonder if it’s possible to get repetitive song injury and I get to the edge of the marshes and there’s a couple of kids hanging around by the gate and I wonder if I should be scared and I realise they’re about seven years old and I think no, I’m not scared of seven year olds and then I think they can’t be seven, are seven year olds allowed out on their own? and I think probably not and I wonder how old I was before I was allowed out on my own and I think it was probably about 28 and I get to the car park and there’s a police van leaving and I think don’t leave, stay here and protect me in the foresty bit but the police van drives off and I go through the foresty bit and out towards the bridge and two runners overtake me and they’re talking and I’m thinking shut up, I don’t want to hear people talking and the council have been to collect the skipfull load of rubbish that someone dumped over there last weekend and it’s all clean again and I run up the steep bit and get to the stables and I think it’s going to be less than seven miles when I get home and I get home and I’ve only done 6.6 miles and I think will that do? and I think no it won’t do, I have to do seven miles and so I do a lap of the park and then I’ve done 7 miles for the first time in a long, long time.


Distance: 7.2 miles
Time: 1:18:57
Pace: 10:58 minute/mile
Calories: 713
Belle & Sebastian
Janes Addiction
Bikini Kill
Duran Duran


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