Life’s a beach

Back to uni today. Back to uni really early, too. A 9am start? What kind of time is that to start us all off with after a month off? And not only a 9am start, but a 5:30pm finish (which was spent at the end of the platform at Folkestone Central with a nutter singing and dancing to Michael Jackson. The song that goes ‘Annie are you [something or other]’ – you know the one. He was moonwalking and all sorts in front of me. V. annoying.

Still, although it was a long day, we did have a 2.5 hour break in between fiction and drama (oh, as well as the 45 minute break in the morning and the 20 minute ‘go outside and look at stuff and observe and write it down’ thing we also had).

In my 2.5 hour break, I decided to go for a walk down the beach. I saw Dungeness in the distance

folkestone 006

and although walking that way was a bit gloomy, when me and my uni pal Lisa (who does a fab Zombie blog here) turned round to head back, it was lovely and sunny.

folkestone 007

The only downside of today was our new fiction tutor telling us we have to read some Jane Austen.


I haven’t got the hang of my new Garmin yet, but in total, I cycled and walked 8.71 miles.

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