Yearly round up

Woo, we’re in 2007 already. How did that happen? Almost a year since I started running (apart from a majorly feeble effort in December) and stopped smoking and started writing a blog (not necessarily in that order). I used to think blogs were for seriously sad people, now I wouldn’t be without mine. It was supposed to be about my progress at running but soon turned into a place for me to rant. And then it turned into a soap opera about B&Q.

Right then, here are my 2006 heroes:

Joggerblogger for being the first person to comment on my blog and for continuing to do so. He has encouraged me so much, he’s even managed to get me to do a half marathon this September. And I’m going to try very hard to call him Rich and not Joggerblogger when I meet him. I have 9 months to practice.

Phil, aka Sore Limbs. A very honest blog. He swears a lot, even more than I do in one of my B&Q posts. Everyone is jealous of his job.

The other bloggers who comment on my blog, i.e Julie and Adam, thank you.

The pizza delivery people. Not Pizza Perfecto who I sacked due to them taking over an hour and a half to deliver my pizza ages ago, but Pizza Gogo who are extremely polite on the phone and can speak English, which comes in handy. It was getting embarrassing phoning Pizza Perfecto anyway, as the man who answered the phone got to recognise my voice and knew what I wanted to order. One day my mate was round and wanted chicken pizza and the man said, chicken? You don’t usually order that, don’t you want a vegetarian hot?

Bobby Conn for being the greatest musician in the world. Ever. And he’s playing in London 3 weeks tomorrow, yah!!!

Cardiacs for being the greatest band in the world. Ever. And for continuing to play their once a year gig at the Astoria. Which is closing down. Where will they play? Life without Cardiacs is not worth contemplating. I have only missed them play in London twice since 1988. They used to play more than once a year but they’re getting on a bit now, bless their little cotton socks.

My cyberpals over at Designers Block. Some not so cyber now and actually friends in real life. Sometimes I remember to use their real names too.

And as for the 2006 villains, guess who’s straight in at no. 1? Yeah, you guessed it:

B and bloody bastard Q. For being the most incompetent bunch of fuckwits ever. As the Sex Pistols said, I can’t stand these useless fools. Although they were talking about EMI, not B&Q but if Sid Vicious had ever been straight enough for him and Nancy to take a Sunday afternoon trip down to their local B&Q Superstore to buy a flatpack shelving unit, then undoubtedly they would have changed the title to B&Q instead of EMI.

So what am I giving up this year then? I’m giving up drinking. As soon as I finish off the lager and wine that’s in the fridge. I’m going to be thinner and richer and as the saying goes, you can’t be too thin or too rich. Yay for me.

Happy new year everybody.

Monthly stats – November
Miles: 17.08
Time: 3:23:29
Average pace: 11:54 minute/mile
Calories burnt: 1442

Monthly stats – December
Miles: 11.31
Time: 2:13:21
Average pace: 11:47 minute/mile
Calories burnt: 1067

Yearly stats
Miles: 186.05
Time: 35:50:18
Average pace: 11:33 minute/mile
Calories burnt: 16,482

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