Good days and bad days

Had a bad running day today. Only managed 3.2 miles with two walking breaks 🙁 Why does that happen? After Monday’s good running day of 5 miles I started thinking about a 10k and got an entry form for one at the end of October, but now I’m not so sure. Hmm.

My best runs seem to be on a Saturday morning after drinking and eating pizza the night before and not eating anything before running quite soon after getting up. Last night I had no alcohol and a healthy dinner and had breakfast today and went running at lunchtime. So maybe I really am powered by pizza?

I would have gone out earlier but I had to wait in the for the B&Q man. He rang to say his GPS thingy didn’t have my house number on it but he was at the park and could see my road. I tried to explain that if he could see the park then he was near enough at my house. He said he was going to drive around the block a few times until he found my house. If he could see my road, why he couldn’t have just got out of his car and walked up the road until he got to my house, I don’t know. My road isn’t exactly big. It’s only got about six houses on each side. Maybe it’s like people who search for a lost remote control for 10 minutes instead of going over to the telly and turning it over. Even when he got here he wasn’t much use. He didn’t have the plans with him and if I asked him anything, he just said “er, don’t really know…” and I was only asking him stuff about what was going to happen with the bathroom, I wasn’t asking him to do advanced mathematics or spell a long word or anything. I’m not having much faith in them doing a good job.

Nothing much to report out today. There was a pensioner picking up grass or something, wasn’t quite sure what he was doing. He wasn’t wearing much though which wasn’t a very pretty sight.

Miles: 3.22
Total time: 38.18
Average pace: 11:53 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.0mph
Max speed: 6.5mph
Total calories: 275
Weather: 68F
Stupid men from B&Q: 1
Pensioners not wearing much: 1
Days without pizza and chocolate: 7
Blondie – Nothing is Real but the Girl
Bobby Conn – The Homeland
The Cult – War (The Process)
Hole – Be a Man
Rachel Stamp – Stealing Clothes From Shelley Barrett
The Kooks – Jackie Big Tits
Sonic Youth – Disappearer
Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At
Human League – Non-Stop


  • It’s pants when you have a rubbish running day – I think that they are sent to make you realise that you have had a good run…

    Loving the music mix haven’t listened to HOLE for ages 🙂

  • It is rubbish when I have a rubbish running day and I get disheartened at the time but what the heck, I’ve filled out my entry form for a 10k at the end of October. Just need to buy a stamp and send it off 🙂

    Have you made your application for the London Marathon?

    I think you should swap Jermaine Stewart for Hole 😉

  • 😛 Mr Stewart is no more 🙁 unless he reappears when I click random upload to my shuffle.

    I haven’t done my application yet – I think I’m going to do another steady year of longer runs, then start the bigboys. I just don’t want to spaz my ankle again 😉

    I hate rubbish runs as well!

  • Probably a good idea not to spaz your ankle 🙂

    Tomorrow’s run will not be rubbish I have told myself, although it shouldn’t be as the first run on my new schedule is only 2.5 miles.

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