Today’s excuses

Woo, I have lots of excuses today as to why I, once again, made a pathetic effort in my 10k training.

Firstly, as someone got attacked over the marshes recently and I was dreaming about it last night, I decided not to go over there this morning, especially as it was dark, grey and raining so I thought there might not be any dog walkers or cyclists over there and I didn’t fancy being over there on my own at the mercy of a random rapist. So instead I took to the mean streets of E17 which isn’t as pretty as the marshes and there is a distinct lack of cows and horses. Although I did see a ginger man carrying flowers. I suppose when you’re ginger you need all the help you can get.

Secondly, as it was raining, I put on a waterproof top. Bad idea. The b*****d thing was flapping around all over the place and v. uncomfortable. But, what with every cloud having a silver lining and that, that means that I need some new running clothes, so I will have to go shopping for some, hurrah!

Thirdly, I got too hot due to having a long sleeved top on.

Fourthly, my trousers kept falling down. It’s not funny. Stopping in the street to pull my trousers up isn’t the kind of cool, sophisticated look I try to go for. Although cool sophistication doesn’t really come into it when I’m huffing, puffing and shuffling down the street.

Fifthly, um, I’m sure there was one but a combination of the above will do. Different route, uncomfortable clothes and, most importantly, no cows.

So, should I back out of the 10k next Sunday? It’s only a week tomorrow and I’m not going to improve by then and I can only do 4 miles at a push. B*****ks.

Search engine query of the day: B&Q bathroom disaster

Seems I’m not the only one then. I’ve sacked B&Q. Phoned them yesterday and said come and collect your bathroom, I’m cancelling everything. Nice man on the phone asked if he could ask why.

I said because there’s a bath panel missing, there’s not enough paint, there’s no paint for the woodwork, the fitter came round to do a pre-fit survey but couldn’t as he had no drawings or plans, the fitters were supposed to start work on the 9th but they didn’t have any record of it, I have no works schedule or anything itemised so I don’t know what I’m paying for and what you are and are not going to do and I have lost all confidence in you.

Nice man on the phone said, um, let me see if there’s anything I can offer you to make you change your mind. Nice man came back and said no, he couldn’t think of anything.

Back to square one on the bathroom front then. Well, almost, still waiting for B&Q to ring me to say when they’re going to come and collect the bathroom suite that’s living in my front room.

Never mind, I’ve waited nearly 5 years for a new bathroom, I can wait a bit more. Don’t really want to pay B&Q thousands of pounds to f**k it up when I can pay someone else thousands of pounds to do it properly.

Miles: 4.13
Total time: 48:09
Average pace: 11:40 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.1mph
Max speed: 6.9mph
Total calories: 363
Ginger men carrying flowers: 1
Cows: 0
Hot Chip – Keep Fallin’
Stereo Total – Nationale 7
Ash – Uncle Pat
The Crescent – Parallel
Hot Chip – Baby Said
Radical Dance Faction- Firepower
Cardiacs – Victory
Franz Ferdinand – Outsiders
Manic Street Preachers – My Guernica
Ween – Laura
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Our Time
Sultans of Ping FC – You Talk Too Much

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  • Had similar problems with B&Q but asked them to leave after they dad wrecked my bathroom. I would be interested to know if you get anywhere with them. We have hit a brick wall.

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