Lardathon Day #4 & 5

Yesterday’s lardathon was, um, lardy.  As lardy as it can get with copious amounts of alcohol and Thai noodles but my scales are still telling me I’m 9 st 2 so yay and that.  So today I took my hungover self off to work and resisted the chocolates that were on the fridge.  Resisted them for five minutes anyway, but I only had one so that’s pretty much the same as not having any and then due to the central line chucking trains about all over the place, I had to walk from Chancery Lane to Liverpool Street and I get on the train and an old tall skinny bloke sits next to me and I’m getting squished and I’m wondering how someone so skinny can take up so much room and I must look bored as he offers me a newspaper and I say no thank you because I’m happy in my little iPod world looking out of the window and then he touches my knee and I’m wondering if it was an accident and I decide it was and let him off just this once but if he does it again then I’m going to stand up and kick him in the bollocks but he doesn’t do it again and he gets off the train at the next stop and then the train goes through the marshes and THE COWS ARE BACK!!!!!!

I’m so happy.

Starting weight: 9 st 4
Current weight: 9 st 2
Breakfast: Soya yoghurt and muesli
Lunch: Quorn sausage sandwich with light mayo
Dinner: Wholewheat spaghetti with aubergine and tomato sauce
Lard based confessions: One chocolate
Cows: A few
Walking: 1.5 miles


  • Mmmm – bet that lunchtime sarnie was extra nice today! 😉

  • I saw a cow (that same one i took a photo of ages ago if you remember) the other day and thought of you 🙂 i mean that in the nicest way as awfull as it sounds 🙂

  • We have cows here too.It looks funny.They are in a city block with busy traffic.Eating there grass.I take a pic and post it.

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