Lardathon round up

Ok, I admit it, I fucked up Lardathon big stylee. I ate more crap in July than I usually do in six months, oops. Oh well, I always was a rebel although in my younger days at least I was a skinny rebel not a fat lardy cow rebel. Ho hum. Still, my weight on the day after Lardathon was 2lbs less than when I started so officially I did manage to do what was required, i.e. lose some lard. Yay. Today, however, my scales are telling a different story and tomorrow they will probably expand on their different story due to me going to lunch at the vegan Chinese all you can shove down your gob for £5 today and taking the “all you can shove down your gob” thing to the extreme. Well, a girl’s got to get her money’s worth, eh? Plus, as the waitress spilt hot jasmine tea over me, I thought if I ate all their food they’d go out of business and it’d serve them right for trying to scar me but after three platefuls I decided to wobble back to work and spent the rest of the afternoon trying to stay awake.

Lardathon result:
Starting weight: 9 st 4
End of Lardathon weight: 9 st 2


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