I don’t know how it started but I ended up on Twitter talking to Cassie and decided that for yesterday’s Juneathon, I would go into town and take photos of fit men. Unfortunately, I forgot that I live in Ashford and there aren’t any fit men so after a couple of fruitless hours wandering about, I decided that I would take photos of men called Steve instead, because most men are called Steve, aren’t they? And I found lots of Steves – I even found a Sven too. Cool.

If you’re my friend on Facebook, you can see the photos there. Otherwise, you’ll just have to imagine what the Steves looked like.

I’ll post the photos of the nice cars though. I decided I wanted to marry the owner of the red one.

pub 001

pub 002

pub 003

pub 004

pub 005

pub 006

Pretty cars: some
Steves: lots


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