Janathon Day 28 – Promises, promises…

Woke up. Remembered yesterday I’d sort of promised to the Janathon community I’d run on each of the last days of Janathon. Swore a lot.

A promise is a promise though – even if it’s only a sort of promise – but I toyed with the idea of asking if I could be let off because my running shoes were still wet from yesterday’s run, but then I remembered the whole of the internet has seen my shoe rack


so probably knows I’ve got a few spare pairs (to my shame, I’ve got running shoes I haven’t even tried on yet), then I also remembered Louise went out in damp running shoes the other day which is even more hardcore than those fifty mile ultra-marathons she takes part in and so I realised damp shoes probably aren’t a good enough excuse to back out on my sort of promise.

I had a good reason to go out though – I’d asked the Janathon sheep expert, @Jovial Gnome (who has pet sheep and assures me they are only pets and not future roast dinners), if he knew what the dumpy sheep with the squashed faces were, as there are some near me and I was too scared to Google ‘sheep with squashed faces’ for obvious reasons and he said to take a photo and he’d have a look.

So, armed with my phone, I set off on my run and when I got to the sheep field the bastard sheep were right over the other side and even if my phone had a 20x optical zoom (which it doesn’t), the bastard sheep were facing the wrong way and I’d only manage a close up of their woolly bums, which would be nice, but not what I was after.

A couple of fields down though were some more sheep facing the right way but I’m not sure if this is the same type of sheep I saw before with the squashed faces.


Still cute though. Any other sheep experts out there?

A blog post about a shoe rack

I’ve got an assignment due, so I’m going to blog about a shoe rack. Not any old shoe rack though, oh no. This is a custom-made shoe rack, crafted by Shaun’s very own hands.

Personally, I’d have been happy with a flat-pack from Argos or Ikea but Shaun isn’t like normal people – if we need something, say a table or a shed or something usually made out of wood – he’ll build it. Forget there are still a few rooms that need decorating, or that we’ve got mis-matched windows (yes, he’s making the windows too), a shoe rack was obviously an urgent requirement.

Actually, it was an urgent requirement; the running shoes, walking boots, sandals, Converse, Vans, DMs, biker boots, bags, rucksacks, hats, umbrellas, jackets, coats and gloves were piled up almost to the ceiling. So what was the solution? Yeah, build a shoe rack that reaches the ceiling.


Shaun asked me what colour I wanted it. I said orange. So he decided to paint it orange and yellow to match the Mark Rothko print hanging on the opposite wall.



(I’d never heard of Mark Rothko when I bought it years ago – I bought it because I like orange and yellow. Highway Kind said that is the only reason to buy a painting [well, not because it’s orange and yellow but because I liked the colours].)

Then we filled up the new shoe rack with shoes and boots.


Good, innit?