Cold turkey

I know why I got the lurgy this week, it was cold turkey brought on by my no shopping for non-essentials in February thing. 

Although last weekend I forgot and bought a DVD on eBay but if I don’t watch it ’til March, then that’s ok I think. 

And I can’t even remember why I was on eBay looking at things that I can’t buy due to me being on a no shopping for non-essentials in February thing and I really don’t know why I’ve been perusing amazon but I now have a nicely restocked wishlist waiting for my debit card’s reappearance on 1 March.

Also on my is it 1 March yet list is a stripy top I’ve been eyeing up in the window of Oasis that caught my eye on the way to work a couple of days ago and this morning I thought to myself, hmm, I might pop in on my way to work on Monday and get it if it’s still there, and it was only 1.5 miles later when I got near work that I remembered that damn, I can’t spend anything this month and I’m not sure a new stripy top is an essential, even if it would go really well with my skinny jeans.  But it’s not likely that they’ll still be selling it in two weeks though, is it?  Aarrgh.

And surely the hairdressers is an essential isn’t it?  Although I hate going to the hairdressers but at the mo, my hair’s a bit of a stringy mess so needs a chop, plus I want to dye it and it’ll be quicker to dye it if it’s shorter but I’m a bit scared to dye it in my new bathroom as I make a load of  mess and usually get hair dye all over the floor and the walls and the blind.  I haven’t yet got any on the ceiling but there’s always a first time I suppose, especially considering I got bits of tomato stuck to the kitchen ceiling once.  (The bits of tomato are still stuck to the ceiling, what with it involving getting up on a chair to unstick them.)

And I need gloves for the gym, as the rowing machine gives me blisters.  That must be an essential, right? 

And I want to get my carpets cleaned, now that those tossers from B&Q have stopped stomping up and down the stairs.

I had a cunning plan today though and in an attempt to stop me going home via the offy and buying wine and chocolate I left my wallet at home and only brought out £2 so I could buy some soya milk and after I’d bought my soya milk, I had £1.20 left and spent 15 minutes wandering around Holland & Barrett trying to decide what to spend the remaining £1.20 on. 

I am in complete agreement with anyone who’s reading this and thinking “WTF?  Wine and chocolate is of course an essential!” but I spent all last weekend hungover and didn’t get to the gym or out for a run and due to having the lurgy haven’t done anything this week either, so this weekend I want to redeem myself.  And now that I’m feeling better, I’m going to the gym tonight and may even go on the treadmill and try not to fall off.


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