I hate running to the gym. I run to the gym whenever I go on a Sunday and each time I hate it. But I took my new rucksack out for another practice run and adjusted the straps a bit and it didn’t try to saw my neck off this time but it was bouncing about but I can’t adjust it any more so it will have to do for my running commute next week, which I am perversely looking forward to.

The music in the gym was TOO LOUD. And it wasn’t TOO LOUD in a if it’s TOO LOUD then you’re too old kind of way, it was TOO LOUD in a I can’t hear my iPod even though it’s on full volume kind of way. And the music in the gym is crap. Were they playing Cardiacs or Bobby Conn? Were they bollocks.

After enduring the music which was TOO LOUD and not Bobby Conn or Cardiacs for an hour and a half I leave the gym and there’s a beggar blocking the steps. There seems to be a lot of beggars recently, where have they all come from? And more importantly, why don’t they piss off back there if they can’t afford to live here, instead of sitting on the street making the place look untidy and getting in the way.

But on a less ranty note, I ran a total of 23.81 miles this week, a record for me. Yay.

Miles: 3.53
Total time: 39:16
Average pace: 11:06 minute/mile
Total calories: 327
Gyms with the music too loud: 1
Beggars: 1
The Bravery – An Honest Mistake
Stereo Total – Moviestar
Beatles vs Fischerspooner – Eleanor Rigby
The Who – I Can See For Miles
Sex Pistols – (Don’t Give Me) No Lip
XTC – Shiny Cage
XTC – Yacht Dance
P J Harvey – Dress
Human League – Louise
Seahorses – Love Is The Law
Ween – Even If You Don’t
The Cure – Bloodflowers
Muse – New Born


  • Why does everyone insist on talking about miles nowadays? I suppose if you’re old enough to complain about the music volume in the gym your probably mega pre-metric.

  • LOL! love that gym music – perhaps they could do you a mix tape 😉 Have you left you iPod at the factory volume setting? you can unlock them using an app – if you type “ipod volume boost” in google, then you can crank up the volume and drown out the dance massive (and also make yourself deaf).

    Well done on the 23.8 miles or should I say the 38.31k for Angela 😉 good work!

  • Because we’re in England and roads here are still measured in miles, aren’t they? But what do I know? I don’t even know the difference between a blackbird and a crow 🙂

    The music’s not usually too loud to drown out my iPod, only today. I will look for the volume app, ta 🙂

  • We are still using miles here in the states. There was a push for metric 20 years ago, but it faded away. I figure the same will happen to global warming.

    My gyms music is too loud too, I’m a headbanger and they insist on playing some type of disco/hiphop/pop mix. Puke.

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