He hasn’t deserted us, Chief Juneathon is back!

I can’t run.  I have a very swollen and bruised ankle because of the stupid countryside roads without pavements.  I never fell over in the marshes, oh no.  I did fall over a football during my first 10k but that was nearly three years ago and since then, except for wine based unbalancing acts, I have stayed upright.  Until I moved to the flipping stupid poxy waste of space countryside.

So, today, instead of running I played on the computer and was speaking to Joggerblogger (or [rich] as he likes to be known these days) on Twitter and I asked him if I should take over Juneathon or was he going to do it?  And he said I should take over, as he’d feel a fake as he can’t run.  So I said but you can draw everyday and he liked this idea and hurrah, our leader is back and going to post up the new run, exercise or draw Juneathon 2009 rules shortly.



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