Where’s the summer gone?

Grey and drizzly today so looks like the summer came and went last Thursday but it’s easier to run when it’s cooler and I did a surprisingly comfortable 3 miles, well, sort of comfortable. I’m not really sure what a comfortable run is. It didn’t kill me but it wasn’t a lying in bed watching telly kind of comfortable either.

My mum emailed me and offered to be my pacer on her new electric bike. Yeah, right, it’s difficult enough as it is for me to retain my air of cool sophistication without a pensioner cycling really slowly next to me on an electric bicycle. How can I break it to her gently? Maybe I’ll just say “no mother, you find it difficult enough to retain your air of cool sophistication without someone jogging really slowly next to you”.

She’s as bad as me with her gadgets (although she never knows how to use them and so I have to go round and help her) and speaking of gadgets, I came across this site. Ooh, I think I’m in heaven. It’s full of gadgets and it’s even called Shiny, how cool is that? I came across it when I was looking for reviews of my new camera that’s being delivered tomorrow. It’d better come tomorrow and it’d better not come while I’m still sleeping but I heard they’re a pretty good website so should be ok. Can’t be worse than Comet anyway. Those evil b*****ds made me wait in from 8am to 7pm and then didn’t even bother turning up although they assured me when I rang them at 6pm that it was definitely on its way. Do not ever use Comet unless you really hate yourself or want to miss part of your friend’s birthday bash. At least I stayed relatively sober that night as I got there late, which is more than can be said for Gary who disappeared in Soho for an hour then turned up at the club minus his jacket.

Didn’t see anything interesting today so I’m not sure what I’m going to be taking pictures of. There was a Polish sign in a shop though so I might post that and see if anyone knows what it says.

And why isn’t this blog working properly and hiding the buttons that does the html for you instead of making me handcode? (I’m actually embarrassed to say I almost couldn’t remember how to do a link, oops!)

Miles: 2.99 miles

Time: 32:35

Average pace: 10:54 minute/mile

Average speed: 5.5mph

Max speed: 8.6mph

Calories burnt: 261

Music: Strokes
Polish signs: 1

A little run

As I have a hangover today (thanks Kirsty) and have run on a hangover before and know that a) it doesn't happen; and b) it hurts the next day, just went for a mile and thought I'd go faster than my usual just marginly faster than walking speed thing. Still had to walk a couple of times though, I'm such a weed!

Strange man in the park sitting on a bench, looked like he was pondering and I wondered what he was pondering about, maybe his girlfriend just left him? Aw.

Ooh, and I did order myself a new camera, it's all small and silver and shiny and it's coming on Wednesday and I can't wait! Aah, I love new toys!  I just looked at my quit stats and it says I've saved £195 since stopping smoking, so that pays for the camera then, in which case I think I deserve a new toy, cool!

Also got myself some new running gear yesterday, yah!!

Miles: 1.12 miles
Time: 10:56
Average pace: 09:44 minute/mile
Average speed: 6.2mph
Max speed: 7.9mph
Calories burnt: 104
Music: Shuffle (Cribs, Outkast, Editors)
Pondering men: 1
Hangovers: 1

A mouthful of midges (ick)

As woman with child cancelled on me (again, but not because of woman with child sickness type thing this time but a have to work late type thing), I decided to continue with my healthy week of no pizza, chocolate, crisps, or alcohol, and not play Scrabble as I told Gary I would if/when woman with child cancelled on me (ok, I don't *have* to drink and eat pizza while playing Scrabble…) and went for a run instead. Quite sad really, as when I got up this morning I thought to myself that I didn't want to go out eating and drinking but would rather go for a run. Most odd. Never mind, it's Friday tomorrow and am going out with woman with child then for eating and drinking (I'll do most of the drinking).

A bit of a feeble effort today though, lots of walking, although I wasn't helped by the huge amount of midges that kept flying at me and going in my mouth. I shouldn't be eating midges, what with me being a veggie and that. Perhaps I should stick to the street where there might be less midges, as this evening I was brave (or stupid?) and went over the marshes as I'm getting a bit fed up of running round the fag end of town.

And to add a bit of interest to my blog and to give me an excuse to keep stopping, I might get myself one of these cameras (thanks to mickeyjohnnyboy for the recommendation). Although it might be a bit extravagant just to take snaps with for my blog, but it's small and will fit in my pocket easily and I might be able to sneak it into gigs where they usually take my camera off me (yes, you evil people at the Garage who wouldn't let me take pics of Cardiacs). Anyone want to buy an Olympus C770 and make me feel better about buying yet another new toy?

If I'd had a camera on me today, I could have taken a picture of the rat I saw with a slice of bread. Aw, I disturbed it and it left its bread and ran off. Hope it went back for his dinner after I'd gone.

Ben cycled past me tonight but he didn't realise it was me, probably because he wasn't expecting to see me and that's probably because I told him on Friday that I don't go over the marshes in the evening. At least, I think it was him, I'll have to email him tomorrow and ask him. Or maybe I won't as, if I do that, and it was him, he'll be looking out for me every night and I don't like people seeing me look such a state. Yes, I'm vain!

And I don't have to work tonight, yah!! (Sorry Joggerblogger, have nicked your "yah" thing, hope you don't mind!)

Miles: 2.93 miles
Time: 33:00
Average pace: 11:15 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.3mph
Max speed: 6.9mph
Calories burnt: 267
Music: The Music and shuffle
Rats with slices of bread: 1
Friends not recognising me: 1
Midges: About 16 billion

Yay, go me (sort of)

Hurrah, I went 3.5 miles tonight!  (With a couple of walking breaks but don't tell anyone as I keep telling people I'm a finely tuned athlete.)  And even with the walking breaks I did it in the time I thought I would so yay and that. 

Now I need to find a way to run without coming back dripping in sweat as I'm going to be in town for my run (only a month away, aarrgghh!) and will be seen in public afterwards, eek!  Maybe inviting people to watch wasn't a good idea or perhaps I just shouldn't be so vain?  Although I didn't invite Ben, he invited himself, and Kate says she gets really hot when she exercises so hopefully I won't be the only sweaty beetroot about, that's if Kate decides that she is going to run with me.

Took a slightly different route tonight so as to get the extra half a mile in and ended up in a really cr*ppy part of town, went down a road that I used to use on an early route and had forgotten just how ick it is and so I'm very glad that I didn't buy a house there.  Not that my part of town's much better with one sign appealing for witnesses to a serious sexual assault and another sign appealing for witnesses to a shooting in a pub.  Not to mention that the first thing that people see when they come out of my local station is a sign that says police are aware there are muggers in the area.  Nice!

I'm not going to think of when my next run is as things never go to plan.  I was abducted by an alien on Friday and didn't get home 'til Sunday (ok, so that's not entirely true, I was just being a dirty stop out) so didn't go running once over the weekend.  Oops! 

Miles: 3.53 miles
Time: 40:45
Average pace: 11:31 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.2mph
Max speed: 7.0mph
Calories burnt: 303
Music: Shuffle but don't really know what as stupid iPod headphones went kaput and was hardly any sound coming out of them.
Interesting things of note: 0

A milestone unreached

Well, not a great effort by me tonight! Was completely knackered but had told myself I was going out for a run tonight but ended up walking most of it, and walking really slowly at that. I could hardly keep my eyes open and I didn't think running with my eyes shut was a good idea. So hot today too, it's been about 25c, I don't know how I'm going to cope running in the summer, I get hot enough in the winter. Anyway, at least I made the effort to get out the door, even if it was a pretty feeble effort. And I did get smiled at by a man on a scooter which was nice, I like people smiling at me, better than having my boss swear at me all day like he did today, although he did apologise for being snappy.

Saw my first strange woman today too, she was saying hello to everyone on the street, most odd. I don't think anyone said hello back. I did say thanks to her for getting out of my way but I hadn't realised she was a nutter then and if I had realised, I wouldn't have said anything. Nutters shouldn't be encouraged. But maybe she was just friendly or had woken up this morning and thought she'd say hello to everyone she passed in the street today.

Next run on Saturday, that will mean I actually went out running three times this week for a change. Hurrah!
Mel's actually running her Race for Life this year, she usually walks it but said I've inspired her to run it. I'm an inspiration, woo, go me!

And Ben said he's coming to watch me at the finish line, aarrgghh, I wasn't expecting spectators, how embarrassing!

Miles: 2.09 miles
Time: 25:53
Average pace: 12:24 minute/mile
Average speed: 4.8mph
Max speed: 6.5mph
Calories burnt: 170 Music:
Shuffle (Ash, Pixies, Primal Scream, Gorillaz, Andre 3000, Baby Teeth, Bobby Conn, Transplants)
Smiley men on scooters: 1
Strange women saying hello to passers by: 1

Another milestone reached

Woo, today I went 3 miles which I'm pleased with, especially since I went out in the morning and I'm usually pretty feeble at running in the morning. And just to prove to myself how much progress I'm making, I just measured how far I went on my first ever run before I had to stop. 0.1 miles!! So a bit of improvement I think over the last four months. Yay for me.

I did a circuit of the marshes which turned out to be 3 miles exactly so that's pretty handy, although if I do it more than one more time, I'll be bored of it. It was boiling over there today, and I saw a girl running wearing a long sleeve jacket and a baseball cap, she must have been roasting! I've come home covered in sweat (hmm, don't I sound attractive now?) and I only wear tracksuit bottoms and a short sleeve t-shirt.

I saw quite a few runners but not one of them said hello, miserable gits. I thought there would have been more people over the marshes today, what with the weather being nice but maybe everyone took advantage of having a day off today and went to the pub last night and got hammered. I'm thinking of giving up drinking during May but I think that'll probably only last until tomorrow night when I go out to see Black Wire. And then there's leaving drinks for a girl at work on Friday… But I really want to get down to 8.5 stones (which technically makes me underweight but I like being skinny) and I think the only way I can do that is to cut down on the boozing. My scales told me I was 9 stone this morning which is not good!

Actually the day started off going wrong as my garmin wouldn't find a signal for about 45 minutes, then my iPod headphones decided to break just as I'd set off for my run, so I had to go home and change them. I was listening to my iPod and couldn't remember who the band was that was playing at the time and the headphone wire kept bashing me in the face which reminded me it was Elastica. (For those of you that that doesn't mean anything to, Wire are a big influence on Elastica.)

Well, no rest for the wicked. It may be a bank holiday but I've got a website to work on although really I should go to the supermarket as I haven't been for about a month and I'll have to get a pizza otherwise and I checked on the website last night and a pizza has 1,500 calories in it, eek!

Oh, and those nice young men at Designers Block have finished the new look for the front of the site now, and very nice it is too, and because I talk a lot of random rubbish, they've made me moderator of the random rubbish forum. Hurrah! I think.

Miles: 3.01 miles
Time: 32:54
Average pace: 10:56 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.5mph
Max speed: 7.8mph
Calories burnt: 300
Music: Shuffle (Baby Teeth, Black Wire, Bobby Conn, Elastica, Cribs, Muse, Outkast, The Coral, Hard-Fi)
Miserable runners not saying hello: 5
Runners overheating by wearing too much: 1

Monthly stats – April

Eek, this month’s totals are feeble! Must try harder. Next month I will run more, at least twice a week. It’s just that going out gets in the way and I can’t go running in the morning before work, that doesn’t appeal at all.

Mind you, I had to rest for two weeks for injury and illness, that’s my excuse.

Ho hum.

End of month stats:
Miles: 9.08
Time: 1:43:24
Average pace: 11:23 minute/mile
Calories burnt: 766

Even bigger oooooooooooooh

Hey, I did it! I reached the holy grail of running for 30 minutes, woo hoo! Who'd have thought it? OK, so I was a little (two months) over schedule getting there, but perseverance has paid off and I've completed my beginner's schedule. Hurrah for me!
Hmm, so now I've done my beginner's schedule, what's next? Faster? Longer? Further? Or just stay at 30 minutes for the time being? I'll have to investigate. I need to add another mile in the next five weeks or so anyway so I can do the Crisis Square Mile Run.

Didn't even have a twinge the next day last time I went out running, so if anyone needs a new foot, send me £200 (PayPal accepted) and I'll send Russell round to pick you up and plonk you down on the pavement which will jolt your foot back to life and leave it as good as new!

Nothing of interest today, shame. Now I need to find me a new route as I've done that route three times and I get bored running the same route more than twice.

Miles: 2.71 miles
Time: 30:01
Average pace: 11:05 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.4mph
Max speed: 6.8mph
Calories burnt: 224
Music: Strokes
Routes I'm bored with: 1


Ooh, wow, yay for me and suchlike, I ran 2.5 miles tonight without stopping! Sort of without stopping anyway, just a few seconds for a couple of cars and a particularly crowded bit of pavement. Let's hope I can walk tomorrow.

Must have been the fresh spring air as a man on a bicycle said good evening to me, aah, how polite, I even managed to say hi back (just about) and I got hooted at a couple of times too. Not sure if it was a good hoot or not though.

Almost got run over by a lorry as I was crossing the big road in front of B&Q but a bus got in its way instead or I might have been squished. I must learn how to cross the road although I am getting better at it, Kate was mightily impressed at me crossing the road without standing there looking confused for five minutes first the other week in Islington. I told her running makes you feel invincible, probably best not to get complacent though.

Am feeling v. proud of myself tonight and more confident that I'm going to get better at this. I'm not going to run tomorrow morning now as I'm going to rest instead. Well, if going out on the p**s with Mark in Cambridge is resting. I've been wanting a cigarette all week, going to be tough tomorrow!

Ah well, it's Friday and it's beer o'clock, hurrah!

Miles: 2.53 miles
Time: 27:45
Average pace: 10:59 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.5mph
Max speed: 7.1mph
Calories burnt: 222
Music: Shuffle
Polite men: 1
Cars beeping: 2
Lorries trying to kill me: 1

You can do it when you B&Q it

Back out on my newly fixed foot tonight, was going to go back to the 8/2 x 3 schedule but decided to carry on and did 10 minutes running, took a 2 minute walk break then carried on 'til I got home which was about another 11 minutes, jogged the last stretch to Get Off My Cloud which was v. cool.  I love my iPod.  I dreamt I was an iPod the other night but here probably isn't the best place to discuss my weird dreams.  Especially last night's one.

I took a new route too as I was going to go to the marshes as it's still daylight but decided I prefer running on the road which is probably very strange as you'd think the marshes would be prettier than Lea Bridge Road but oh well.  Maybe because there's more to look at running on the road.  More strange people, anyway.  Actually there weren't many strange people about apart from one man who was singing along to his Walkman (or iPod or whatever) who stopped singing when I overtook him and decided to shout at me instead, don't know what he was saying though. 

Next run scheduled (in my head, anyway) for Friday, then possibly Saturday morning as I'm going to Cambridge on Saturday so that writes off Sunday.  Anyway, there'll be plenty of people running on Sunday so I'll just think of them running instead and that can be my exercise for the day.

Oh, have just remembered that the title isn't going to mean anything unless I mention B&Q.  Because I took a new route, it took me past the B&Q.  I should have stopped and gone in and looked at bathrooms although I could be barred from B&Q for failing to open the door to their bathroom designer and staying in bed instead. 

Miles: 2.08 miles
Time: 23:52
Average pace: 11:29 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.2mph
Max speed: 7.4mph
Calories burnt: 165
Music: Shuffle
Strange men singing along to music: 1
B&Qs: 1

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