Should bottle it (and monthly stats for March)

Wasn’t going to go out this week due to elephantitis like ankles but have been sooooooooooooo stressed this week for some unknown reason and have wanted to kill anyone but especially random members of the general public, I went for a run as it’s true, it is a great de-stresser, I feel much better now!

Adopted my own schedule which was to run until I fancied stopping which wasn’t 5 minutes like I thought it would be but 16, so yay for me, my longest continuous time yet!

Gary did his old 3 mile route in Hitchin that he used to do in the olden days and he said he could still run it and did it in about 30 minutes. He didn’t say whether that was without stopping though so I shall have to investigate that one. Said he’s going to try running round Leytonstone. Not sure if he means try running round Leytonstone without getting mugged.

Last day at work tomorrow, then two weeks and a day off. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going to be hard going back though, ugh! Never mind, don’t have to think about that for a while. Daresay on my two weeks off, I’ll be sitting in front of my pc working on websites, more pennies for me though, so hurrah!

Miles: 1.44 miles
Time: 16:06
Average pace: 11:13 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.3mph
Max speed: 8.8mph
Calories burnt: 132
Music: Shuffle
Interesting things to report: 0

End of month stats:
Miles: 27.19
Time: 5:29:31
Average pace: 12:07 minute/mile
Average speed: 4.9mph
Max speed: 8.8mph
Calories burnt: 2,379

Walking in the sunshine

I don’t think I’m cut out for running in the morning, it seems so much easier in the evening after work.  Or maybe I prefer running round the streets in the pollution and dodging pikeys than running in the fields and looking out for wildlife?

Adopted my own schedule today which consisted of a lot of walking.  I’d decided to go back to the 12/1 x 3 schedule and did the first lot of 12 minutes just about but ran/walked the rest but made a bit of an effort on the last stretch and ran home.

I’m not sure what it says about me (or more likely where I  live) but a couple on bicycles got off their bikes and started looking at something on the ground.  I thought it must be a dead body but it was some yellow flowers.  Daisies perhaps?

Miles: 3.2 miles
Time: 41:44
Average pace: 13:02 minute/mile
Average speed: 4.6mph
Max speed: 6.8mph
Calories burnt: 299
Music: Muse, Scissor Sisters
Magpies: 4
Dead bodies: 0
Pretty yellow flowers that might have been daisies: lots

Three quarters of a yay

Almost did both lots of 15 minutes with a minute walking in between but had to stop twice on the second one.  It was uphill though (ok I don’t exactly live in the Lake District but it’s still a slight incline).  Probably should have stuck to last week’s schedule (3 x 12 minutes running / 1 minute walking) until I was “comfortable” with it but I never know I’m comfortable until I go to the next stage of the schedule.  I now know that 8 minutes is easy peasy but I didn’t think that two weeks ago before I moved on to 12 minutes.  Although after Saturday’s feebler than feeble effort I probably should stay on 12.

I probably should have trusted my instincts and not ran at all today as my ankles are still swollen and stiff and after I’d finished running, I had to limp home.  Not sure how I could run but not walk though.  Oh well, I’m going to not run anymore this week and just rest until they’re better as they’re pretty painful at the mo.

Not much to report except my iPod battery ran out again.  And it ran out near enough the exact same spot.  V. annoying.  I don’t want to hear people’s comments as I run past them!  Not that I understand what they’re saying anyway.

There was a child about 2 years old walking down the road on his own.  He was wider than he was tall, bloody huge thing he was.  Far too young to be wandering about on his own and there wasn’t anyone around that I could see who might be with him and I probably should have asked him if he was ok but he might be in mugger training or have a gun or something.

Miles: 2.79
Time: 31:01
Average pace: 11:14 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.3mph
Max speed: 7.0mph
Calories burnt: 217
Music: The Strokes
Obese 2 year olds: 1

Less than feeble

Whatever the word for less than feeble is, that was me today.  Did the first 12 minutes ok, wimped out half way through the second and didn’t even bother with the third and walked home.  Pathetic!  Possibly something to do with the bottle of wine I had yesterday?

Not many strange people about today, except for the two people on strange bicycles, had a kind of big parcel shelf on the front of the bikes, weird.  Saw a cute man with a dog but the dog was small and there’s something not right about men with small dogs.  (Sorry to any men with small dogs)

Miles: 2.83
Time: 37:04
Average pace: 13:05 minute/mile
Average speed: 4.6mph
Max speed: 6.1mph
Calories burnt: 260
Music: Shuffle
Men with small dogs: 1
Bicycles with parcel shelves: 2

Spare some change please

I didn’t accidentally cheat tonight and did all 3 lots of 12 minutes running with a minute walking in between. Woo! Looks like I’m on course to finish the 3.5 mile run without stopping unless I get worse in the next three months which probably isn’t really very likely unless I timewarp back three months and start smoking again and deciding that I haven’t got time to run between cigarettes. I don’t want to start evangelicising (not sure if that’s a word?) about stopping smoking as I’m only one puff away from being a smoker again. Although I’m doing better than the girl I met last night who was only one nicotine patch falling off her arm away from being a smoker again. Oh and because I am now a finely tuned athlete and my body is now a temple, I only had two drinks, woo! (ok, I had a glass of wine when I got in)

I nearly went home after the battery in my iPod went, aarrgghh! And I’d specially charged it a bit when I got home this evening, must have not been enough. I felt very exposed without music, like everyone could see me. Because obviously my iPod has magical powers which means when the battery is charged and I’m listening to music, I’m invisible. It also meant I could hear what I sound like running and it’s better than I thought. I thought I was really heavy on my feet and people could hear me a mile away but I’m a lot lighter than I thought, and the huffing and puffing I thought I did wasn’t as bad. I found out I sniff a lot though, but it was v. cold tonight, my hands were freezing. I’ve ditched the gloves as I was getting too hot.

I forgot again about the traffic lights not working at the junction. Are they ever going to put the red/green man thing back on? How am I supposed to cross the road when there’s traffic coming from three directions, without the green man thing? I have to wait for other people to cross and then follow them, sometimes I’m there for ages waiting for someone brave enough to cross so I can follow them.

A young man came up to me and asked me for 50p tonight. Um, yes, because I always carry loads of money round with me when I’m out running, obviously! If any beggars are reading this (not that I’ve seen many beggars with laptops but I suppose they may spend their begging money in internet cafes), joggers are usually out jogging and not out shopping and probably don’t have any money on them. You’d be better off hanging around outside pubs and catching people who have been drinking and have loads of change on them. I always have loads of change when I get home from being in the pub.

Then there was the strange Irish man carrying a baby who said good morning to me. I’m not sure why he said good morning at seven o’clock in the evening, maybe he had been drinking in preparation for tomorrow night (St Patrick’s Day). Tomorrow night is St Patrick’s Day, that somehow doesn’t sound right. I thought I was meeting the girls in O’Neills tomorrow night but now I’ve been told we’re meeting in a restaurant. A pizza restaurant, aarrgghh. I’m going for lunch tomorrow in a pizza restaurant so now twice tomorrow I have to try and resist pizza and eat pasta instead to keep up my finely tuned temple-like athletic body. Heh heh.

Miles: 3.30
Time: 38:01
Average pace: 11:31 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.2mph
Max speed: 6.4mph
Calories burnt: 265
Music: Franz Ferdinand (until battery ran out, then I was listening to the traffic)
Beggars: 1
Strange men: 1
iPods with enough battery life: 0

I am indeed a finely tuned athlete

Oh yes, hurrah for me.  I did 12 minutes continuous running 3 times – woo – that’s over 3 miles of running!  I didn’t look at my schedule though as I thought I was supposed to walk for 2 minutes in between but I was only supposed to walk for 1, so shall have to see how well I do next time.

Pretty unadventurous really but the two pitbulls who were quite bemused to see me jogging up to them were even more bemused when they met me again on the way back.  They were cute, doubt Gary would agree.  Probably would have seen Gary do a three minute mile if he’d been there.

A strange man shouted out “you can do it”.  I’m assuming he shouted as I could hear him and there’s not much that manages to break through my iPod to my ears.  I’m not sure what exactly it was that he thought I could do but thank you anyway, strange man.  Unless it wasn’t words of encouragement and it was more along the lines of “you can get out of my way, bloody joggers hogging the pavement”, in which case, strange man f off.

Not sure when next run is as I’m out drinking orange juice and not swearing tomorrow and Friday.  Yes, I really am out drinking orange juice and not swearing and I’m not just saying that because my mum read my blog and told me off for drinking and swearing.  I’m not sure what 70 year olds are doing reading blogs anyway, they should be doing 70 year old things like, er, whatever it is that 70 year olds do when they’re not reading blogs.

Anyway, I’m going to say hurrah for me again for running 12 minutes, a step further towards running 3.5 miles without stopping.  Not many steps but nearly half way.

Miles: 3.44
Time: 40:04
Average pace: 11:39 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.1mph
Max speed: 6.7mph
Calories burnt: 273
Music: The Strokes
Pitbulls: 2
Strange men: 1

Half a feeble

Did two lots of 8 minutes running / 2 minutes walking this morning without stopping but stopped twice on the middle one. My excuse is that I was running on grass and mud which was a bit more tiring than a flat surface.

Still don’t think I’m running 8 minutes “comfortably” but don’t want to be stuck on week 5 forever, so I’m going to attempt 12 minutes next week. If I fail miserably, I’ll go back to 8 minutes. Seems a big jump though, another 50% of time added? 8 minutes 30 seconds would be kinder.

Probably feeble today as stayed up late drinking and posting nonsense on the Designers Block forum and if my pizza had turned up I wouldn’t have been drinking on an empty stomach. Actually the pizza did turn up but after an hour and a half and I’d already phoned to cancel it as I was mightily pi**ed off with them so I turned the lights off and hid upstairs pretending I was out. Pizza man was very persistent, he knocked on the door for 7 minutes. I felt sorry for him as it wasn’t his fault it was late and he’s a nice pizza man. Anyway, I’m not getting pizza from them again, looks like it’s back to Quattro Stagioni, they do nice pizza. I was whinging to the chaps and chapesses on the forum and Bones’ suggestion was ‘Shout down the stairs “I can’t come to the door; I have waited so long for my pizza that I am too weak to move!”‘ Heh heh, good one!

Am going to be healthy next week, honest! No pizza, no crisps, no chocolate, no chocolate brownies, no alcohol in the week. I want to get up to 12 minutes continuous running. I will do it!

Will have to do it, as have just signed up to do the Crisis Square Mile Run and I want to do it without stopping. Kate and Gary are going to run it with me. Well, Kate will if it’s not raining. I said if it’s raining we’ll go to the pub instead and she liked that idea. I have made myself a sponsorship page too so people can sponsor me lots of money. This was the only 5k run I could find that wasn’t for a charity that funds/does animal experimentation which is a shame as I fancied running the Tower of London one but the British Heart Foundation tests on animals and I was going to run it and not raise any money and then after the run tell them why I wasn’t raising any money for them but decided I didn’t want anything to do with them.

Rant over.

Miles: 2.37
Time: 28:10
Average pace: 11:52 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.0mph
Max speed: 6.4mph
Calories burnt: 210
Music: The Killers
Friendly cyclists: 1
Other cyclists: loads
Magpies: 3
Horses: 3
Big black bird (blackbird? crow?): 1
Time stopped smoking: 2 months 1 week 1 day
Cigarettes not smoked: 1,008
Money saved: £100.80

First one home gets a brownie

Work was a right pain in the bum today, I don’t know what they’ve done, making six of us redundant, now they’re asking for miracles. We can only do so much work in one day! In case you’re wondering what this has to do with running, today was not good. Got to the train station in the morning and it was shut so had a nice 15 minute walk in the rain to the tube. Wasn’t actually that bad, as had my iPod for company. Then work was a right pain, then missed two trains on the way home due to the Central Line being crap, so was thinking shall I go home via the off licence or go out for a run? The run won! Wasn’t sure if work was being such a pain in some sort of quest to drive me back to smoking on non smoking day. Two women at work are currently taking steps to stop. One’s borrowed my Allen Carr book and another has bought it today, so good for them and good luck.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a running blog so here’s a running bit. Did all 3 lots of 8 minutes running / 2 minutes walking without stopping, so yay for doing that twice this week. Not sure it’s doing it comfortably though, so shall see on Sunday which I think is going to be my next run how easy I do it and whether or not I should repeat this week. But then again, I suppose Sunday’s run is going to depend on Saturday’s drinking but I think I’m staying in. Am out boozing with Joy, Mariana and Ilaria on Friday so will take it easy on Saturday. Heh heh, famous last words.

Got home to find Gary on my doorstep with a chocolate brownie. This is a big chocolate brownie, as he works in a bakers and they make slabs of it. Not really the food for a finely tuned athlete (heh heh) but I’m sure it won’t go to waste. Then while he was waiting for the bus, he opened a bottle of Budvar. I’m sure today people are trying to make me crack and be unhealthy, but they won’t get me! Am hungry though, better go and try out the chocolate brownie. I’m going to take some to work tomorrow so it would probably be best to test it first and make sure it’s ok.

Miles: 2.52
Time: 29:50
Average pace: 11:49 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.1mph
Max speed: 6.5mph
Calories burnt: 194
Music: The Killers
Chocolate brownies: 1

Still stuck on week 5

I’m repeating week 5 again this week as the nice people on the Runner’s World forum said I should, until I can do 8 minutes running comfortably. Christmas then? Wasn’t too bad tonight though, did all three repetitions without stopping. Will try and do 3 lots this week as only went out twice last week due to er, can’t remember what it was due to, but probably due to couldn’t be botheredness. Going to have to try and fit it in round going out on Wednesday and Friday though, so I think I’ll go out tomorrow night and then maybe Sunday if I stay in on Saturday.

At least on Sunday I can go over the marshes. Next time I go out running round the streets I think I’m going to take a gun so I can shoot anyone I see spitting. Saw four blokes spitting tonight, the dirty, dirty peasants. I f*****g hate people spitting in the street, urgh! Some bloke made some comment to me but luckily the Kaiser Chiefs drowned him out. Must have been something in the air tonight (other than dirty peasants’ spit) as saw quite a few people out running.

Miles: 2.44
Time: 30:29
Average pace: 12:29 minute/mile
Average speed: 4.8mph
Max speed: 8.7mph
Calories burnt: 221
Music: Kaiser Chiefs
People spitting: 4

1 114 115 116 117 118